Guide to choosing the right college abroad- 8 ways to decide

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Guide to choosing the right college abroad- 8 ways to decide

Guide to choosing the right college abroad- 8 ways to decide

One of the fascinating features of overseas education is that you have ample of choices. Foreign universities are no longer reserved for ultra-rich and extraordinarily intelligent students. If acquiring global education is your dream, the whole world is waiting for you with open arms. But it isn’t easy to figure out what and where to study due to multiple lucrative options available.

This blog will guide you through essential steps to searching for and choosing an ideal university abroad.

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1. Select the desired discipline

The foremost step in your journey to study abroad is to decide the course you want to pursue. So pen down the courses you are passionate about, keeping your strengths and weaknesses in mind. Give yourself enough time to conclude your interests and future goals.

This will do half the task for you. Secondly, enquire about available courses and programs suitable to your interest and qualification. Select a course that perfectly matches your aspirations. Opting for the right course is essential for your best academic performance and career, and this will also keep you motivated at each step of your journey.

2. Country preference

There are certain factors to be considered while choosing your preferred destination. It is not always advisable to stick to the first country that pops into your mind. It’s better to narrow down available choices to conclude what is the best for you. Consider the relevant factors while making decisions like climatic conditions around the year, rights for international students, facilities offered to international students like transportation, cost of living, study visa requirements of that country, job opportunities and total expenses involved.

Many of you might have already selected a destination for you. If still not, we are there to help you.

3. Be honest with yourself

Acquiring a degree is a big commitment in everyone’s life but studying abroad is even more important. Make sure your decisions reflect what you want to do rather than what you feel you have to do. Sometimes candidates make decisions based on their family desires and peer pressure. The only thing that should be kept in mind while making this decision is- how you want your life to be in the future. A clear mind-set is essential for making appropriate decisions in your life. So, keep your goals clearer.

4. Figure out how others experienced studying abroad

Be sorted. Keep away any doubts in your mind. To do so, take guidance from experienced study abroad counsellors. You may also discuss your concerns with previous international students in your relationship. You can also check student experience articles and gather specific tips and advice.

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5. University rankings

Concluding top universities are not simple. It is not as easy as searching online for “top 10 universities globally.” Different organisations create a ranking system to generate a top university list based on different metrics. The major rankings are data-driven hierarchies that depict competition among significant world universities. Other criteria depend on measuring academic and educational performances, faculty experience, environment, and internationality of that institute. It is essential to outline necessary practical factors while deciding on a college, like building relevant skills to land a professional career.

6. Identify your essential requirements

Narrow down your choices by cutting off what you don’t want. Filter the results according to your requirement. For instance, you are looking for a university where the languages used for teaching are English and French. Or do you have a specific budget to be spent on tuition fees. You are seeking a particular subject course. So, it is advisable to set out clear guidelines for your search in such instances. This will make your decision-making simpler as you will probably have a narrower field to focus on.

Ultimately, it will help you focus on the best and most desirable conclusions.

7. Evaluate the cost and search for the most affordable degree

There is no doubt that overseas education programs are costly. Along with the course fees, candidates also need to meet living expenses of the developed countries. In this scenario, searching for an affordable course can prove a high return on investment. You must pay attention to the overall expense of the study programs available in particular university. It is not favorable to go abroad overburdened with heavy debts. There are programs with low tuition fees. Some universities also charge substantial money for the best and most reputable degrees.

All you have to do is search about the fee structure of your shortlisted colleges and their financial aid or scholarship. Also, note the placement packages they offer after completion of degree. Many foreign universities offer notable good scholarships to international students. The best way to cut down your expenses to an affordable one is to apply for scholarships through the endowment. Other ways of doing so include applying for student loans offered by banks and other institutes in your home country.

8. Campus perks

It is important to indulge yourself in proper research about perks offered to secure your future goals with success. Apply for those colleges that focus on the overall development of students. Figure out where the college shows more significant gains in interpersonal self-esteem. Are they intending to make your future-ready for the practical world instead of giving bookish knowledge?

The college should ensure your access to resources like labs, libraries, athletic facilities, support services, etc. So it is preferred to opt for colleges with higher facilities for extracurricular activities, ensuring student benefits.


Overseas education exhibits numerous choices for international students. But with more meaningful choices comes more significant confusion. All you need to do is concern yourself with each step of the process, and proper guidance can make it easy for you.

Worry not; Chetanya Career Consultants (3C) is your guiding partner throughout your journey. With years of experience in counselling students with study abroad programs, 3C strives to help you make hassle-free decisions.

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