Work Or Study? How To Decide Between These Two Career Options? 

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Work Or Study? How To Decide Between These Two Career Options? 

The greatest confusion a fresh graduate can go through is- what to do next? Pursue a postgraduate degree or start working? This is a situation that is faced by most graduates. There are innumerable pros and cons that one must consider before deciding what they want to do. 

A few factors you must consider and bear in mind are the subject or topic that you would want to study, your capital affordability, the skills you can obtain, return of investment, and so on. You need to ask yourself why are you choosing either of the following and how is it going to benefit you? 

Before jumping on the benefits of each side, there is a way out of this dilemma that today’s modern students are approaching steadily. Students are now approaching career guidance after graduation where they go under a detailed understanding of their personality. Through which counseling is held between an expert and the student to further go ahead and choose the best career path. Now let us see some of the benefits of a post-graduate degree followed by work and how career counseling for students contributes to the same. 

Getting a master’s degree/Pursuing a Job

An Extraordinary flexibility

It is a fact that when you choose to study further it provides you with extraordinary flexibility that you might not get in the working world. This flexibility of time and space allows you to decide what you want to choose as your career path and where do you want to work. That is a privilege that often goes unappreciated. This flexibility allows the students to study the subject of their interest and gain more knowledge in the same. 

Now that you have the flexibility to choose between so many career paths and streams, you might get a little disoriented. To clear this confusion, it is advised to choose career counseling that helps you pave the right pathway and choose the journey of your dreams.

Wage premiums

When you look for a job, your qualification determines your wage, and having a higher degree in any field of studies gives you an advantage along with a higher post in the corporate world. With all these advantages, comes a fortune of money. Wage premiums are often noticed when you have an added degree i.e. a post-graduate as your education. 

A lot of fields prefer postgraduates over graduates due to their increased knowledge. These choices are vital. Counseling after graduation will be your guiding force to make the best decision of choosing the right career path that you will not regret later.

Plethora of options

When we talk about working right after graduation, we limit our schema of exploring more options. You have to choose an industry and dedicatedly work behind getting on a higher position. Over the period of time, people realize that their interest is changing and they choose to quit their mundane jobs. To save your time and effort, choosing a postgraduate degree can save a lot of your time as it gives you an allowance to study the subject of your choice and even discover other areas related to that matter through your course of studies.  

But if you choose to work right after graduation, then in some fields, gaining certain years of experience & then choosing a postgraduate degree is a better option. So here, the deciding factor is what do you want to study? To help with this, consult a career counselor and get your doubts cleared. 

You are more enticing to the international job market

If you are looking at the global market, a master’s degree will open numerous doors for you. In a lot of developed nations like the US and UK, in order to apply for job positions, you must have a master’s degree level to enter that industry. More like throughout Europe this has become a criterion. The reason why people with a master’s degree is chosen is because of the added knowledge and advantage they persist. If you see yourself working abroad in the future, then it is certainly an advantageous investment. 

In-depth knowledge of the subject

Here, we mainly see how an in-depth knowledge of the subject while pursuing a postgraduate program can help you towards having an upper hand in that field and become an asset for whichever company chooses to hire you. Especially here lies the benefit of getting deep pockets. Many employers pay more to specialization with extra compensation. Once you realize which subject interests you the most then that’s where you should continue your practice. Sometimes, this knowledge comes through intuition, other times due to extensive pressure and confusion students seek out external help. This is where career counseling comes to safeguard your future. The experienced professionals will guide you in a detailed manner to make the right decision. 


Understand that whether you choose to study or get a job, either option will only improve your professional and personal character. It is just a matter of choosing what choice will best suit your priorities, and what choice would be easier on your pocket in the long run as you chase your goals. 

Making this decision is a huge step, something that can affect your life in the coming future. This is why parents have become very vigilant and alert about their child’s career choices and have now started investing in career counseling. Because due to this, their kids are able to have a better insight into what they really want to pursue. 

With the ever-increasing competition in both the worlds, having to make this choice is important and you must do it with the guidance of professionals and experts to not regret your decision in the foreseeable future. All the best!

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