7 Helpful tips to achieve the desired score in PTE Academic

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7 Helpful tips to achieve the desired score in PTE

7 Helpful tips to achieve the desired score in PTE Academic

Pearson Test of English or PTE is a computer-based top-tier test for study and immigration purposes.

The PTE exam judges the English proficiency skills of candidates based on four parameters- speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

  • PTE scores are widely acceptable for Australia and New Zealand.
  • Many colleges in Canada also accept PTE.
  • It is the fastest and most convenient exam for immigration.
  • PTE is comparatively scoring than IELTS as it constitutes a variety of questions.
  • It is an unbiased test with the involvement of artificial intelligence only.

Scoring well in PTE opens a gateway to many opportunities abroad for international students. Candidates looking forward to performing well in PTE need to follow strategic roadblocks to success.
This article will discuss valuable tips to procure a high score in PTE and ace the test with excellence.
Here we go!

Ways to ace the PTE exam

1. Understand the test format: 

As it is said, the first step is the most important one.

When you make up your mind to give the PTE test, the first thing you must start with is to get familiar with the test format. Understand the different kinds of questions in each section and the duration of each section. It would be best if you had a clear idea about how much time you need to spend on each question. All these practices make your preparation go smoothly.

Review the scoring guide well to understand the assessment criteria for each question type

It is vital to know what each task is demanding.

2. Access your skill level: 

Find practice material from a true source and attempt the mock test to access your skill level. Get feedback from experts for your performance. First access your weaker sections. After being comfortable with your improvement, go for more and more practice.

Note that giving a mock test without preparation is simply a waste of time.

3. Go with the study plan- Time management:

The sole purpose of the PTE test is to measure the practical efficiency of the candidate.  Manage your time efficiently, build up quick decision-making, and be organized while practicing. This will help in preventing unnecessary wastage of time during the test. A perfect study plan comprises a combination of methods, time, and self-analysis.

  • Devote at least two hours for self-preparation.
  • Practice more the repetitive questions.
  • Spend time revising what you have learned on the previous day.
  • Make a note of all essential points you come across while preparing.
  • Know the common mistakes candidates make in questions carrying negative marks. Try to avoid these common mistakes.
  • Learn helpful tips and consult experts if you encounter any doubt.
  • Regularly take the mock test to analyze your preparation.

Integrate PTE preparation into your life daily

Always go for trusted and proven platforms for practice materials.

4. Enhance your skills and practice: 

There is no shortcut to hard work, especially while preparing for PTE.

You can’t achieve desired scores by overnight preparation.

You can cultivate helpful techniques for the test just by practicing.

Section-wise tips

-> Work on pronunciation and fluency:

Speaking does not depend on your accent. The speaking part checks your pronunciation and fluency. There are certain factors to keep in mind while speaking- The microphone stops recording after a silence of 3 seconds. 

  • Avoid unnecessary fillers and avoid pauses while speaking.
  • Work on your voice quality
  • Do not hesitate and stop even if you make a mistake
  • It is good to practice speaking in an exam-like environment.
  • Try to practice with a microphone and headphones.
  • Develop concentration to focus in the adverse environment to familiarise yourself with the noisy ambiance of the exam center


->For reading:

  • Reading magazines, journals, newspapers, and books to improve your reading skills.
  • Develop your reading speed.
  • Cultivate the habit of finding out grammatical mistakes.
  • Grow your vocabulary to build up understandability of the text
  • Learn to skip and skim techniques while reading to access general text pictures.
  • Do not consult a dictionary until you finish up the task.

->To improve the writing section:

  •  Build the habit of typing fast within the restricted word limit.
  •  Practice by writing emails to friends and other contacts.
  • Try to implement correct punctuations while typing, like commas, full stops, etc.
  • Study questions carefully.
  • Understand the topic and plan before attempting.
  • Write in the form of paragraphs.

->For the listening task:

  • Practice by listening to a variety of TV shows, radio, and podcasts. This will help you get familiar with different foreign accents.
  • Practice scanning and skimming the content to find the answer fast.
  • Build the ability to identify keywords.

5. Last moment revision:

Our mind can’t retain everything at the last moment. Avoid giving it an unnecessary burden. Instead, it is crucial to maintain a balance between learning and revision to maintain a sleep schedule and relax your mind.  The last couple of days before the test must be used to solve any of the doubts encountered while preparing.

6. Stay calm and remain confident during the PTE test:

The PTE Test can be stressful for you, but you must not lose focus at any stage.  Do Not get distracted by other students or surroundings during the test Surviving the exam environment is half the battle. Do Not feel anxious. Stay motivated about your preparation and give your best

7. Build up strong vocabulary:

Building up good vocabulary will be fruitful during the exam. It will upgrade your skills and make you more confident. For this, try to find out the meaning of every new word you come across and cultivate the habit of using those words in your daily practice. Avoid spending too much time on complicated words. Instead, learn to involve words having similar meanings (synonyms) in the context. Having a solid vocabulary represents your language quality.

Final words

PTE, as we discussed, is a scoring test for overseas aspirants. The tips discussed above can surely lead you to success if followed by heart. The practice and commitment of candidates to score well in PTE are vital elements to ace the test with outstanding results.

Dedication is something required everywhere.

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