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Why should you go for IELTS?

Our unique approach of imparting excellent education persuades students to join us and score desired bands in IELTS. It includes:

Do you want to study at a university abroad?

Are you interested in working in an English-speaking country?

IELTS is the best choice for you.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a well-known and widely accepted test that measures proficiency in English language learning. IELTS can be used to help students to develop proficient skills in English.
It allows test-takers to choose the dates and locations that they want to take the test.
A valid band score in IELTS is a promising sign for immigration.

3C makes IELTS preparation simple for you, as getting the required band score is the first step in your global education journey.

Chetanya is an excellent choice for IELTS test takers

Are you one of those who desire to study in a foreign university?
Do you want to work in native English speaking country?
IELTS is the best available option for you.
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most popular and commonly accepted test designed to judge proficiency skills to study and work in an English environment.
It facilitates the test takers with numerous choices of dates and location to give the test.
Getting a good score in IELTS promises a bright prospectus of immigration.

Many students find it challenging to get the desired band in IELTS. Many students fail to pass the exam despite trying multiple times and sometimes fall behind in one module.
This is because they don’t have a suitable approach to deal with each section of IELTS.
These students often abandon their plans to take the IELTS exam.
Are you one of them?

3C can help you succeed, whether it’s your first or second attempt.
Students are attracted to us by our unique approach to education. We help them score the desired bands in IELTS. It includes:

What makes Chetanya unique?

Our unique approach to delivering excellent results persuades students to join us and score desired bands in IELTS. It includes:

Experienced IELTS faculty Kaithal

Experienced and certified trainers

Learn from certified professionals with years of experience in IELTS preparation.<br /> Our trainers are focused on strategic teaching methods that keep exam patterns in mind and clear all doubts. Students have no difficulty in preparing for IELTS.

Individual attention

Individual attention

3C is committed towards the overall development of students. Therefore, we closely monitor each candidate's performance and consider their weaker points. Our students are encouraged whenever necessary.

Analysis of weaknesses

Create a learning environment

3C provides students with a safe environment where they can get individual attention, comfort in learning, and modern facilities. 3C is a great place to develop and explore their talents.

supportive environment

Training strategy

For each section of the IELTS exam, we offer extended learning sessions. For flawless preparation, we provide separate revision and doubt clearing classes.

learning session 3c

Sessions of one-to-one counseling

We offer one-on-one counseling from very beginning. We counsel our students regularly and give feedback to help them achieve excellence, and we want to help them succeed.

education 3c

Authentic Study material

Our students receive authentic study material based on the Cambridge University guidelines and the most recent exam patterns. It assures the best preparation, and it is essential to follow guidelines.

mock test 3c

Regular mock tests

Chetanya holds mock tests for candidates regularly. This test aims to assess the candidate's preparation and highlight areas that need improvement. The mock test results will determine if the candidate is prepared to take the test.

counselling 3C

Analyze strengths and limitations

Chetanya focuses on our student's strengths to ensure that preparation is easy. We provide that students use their full potential to achieve the desired band score.

Join us for the fulfillment of dreams

Chetanya is a one-stop solution for study abroad aspirants. We provide quality training to our students, and we focus on the best version of preparation, following the proper techniques to enhance their performance in the IELTS test.
We follow a result-oriented approach for both IELTS academic and general training.

With a track record of success, 3C is a leading IELTS institute working dedicatedly to the fulfillment of the desires of our students.
Our multidisciplinary team of professionals continuously works to deliver encouraging results.
Select Chetanya Career Consultants as a reliable platform to get the best IELTS coaching in Ladwa, Haryana.

Join us hassle-free IELTS preparation

Study abroad hopefuls will find Chetanya a promising institute.
Our students receive high-quality training, and we focus on the best preparation and use the proper techniques to improve their IELTS scores.
We follow a results-oriented approach for IELTS academic and general training.

3C has a proven track record of success and is a top IELTS coaching institution dedicated towards fulfilling the aspirations of its students.
Our professionals work tirelessly to produce encouraging results.
Chetanya Career Consultants offers the best IELTS coaching in Zirakpur (Punjab).
Fly abroad with us.

Student Testimonials

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


With the mix of right guidance and encouragement, Chetanya has helped me score well in IELTS. I couldn’t be more thankful and happier.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited

Palak Sharma

I believe students learn better with honest feedback. And, this is what teachers at Chetanya are really good at. Under the right guidance of faculty and their layman approach to answer my queries, I scored 7.5 in IELTS. I’m happy with the way I was attended at 3C, thanks to the team for guiding me.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited

Manju Saini

I wasn’t good at communication skills. For the same reason, I have always doubted my entry into a foreign land, where communication is a must. Thanks to Chetanya for helping me improve my language skills and achieve a good IELTS score.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


I believe Chetanya is a whole new world for students like me who wish to master language skills. Things learned at Chetanya have helped me grab the best opportunities. Thanks to the teachers at Chetanya, you guys are wonderful and amazing. Keep up the good work.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


At Chetanya, teachers are knowledgeable and experienced. They knew how to help me with my weak points. I thank them for assisting me, whenever required.