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Master the art of speaking English Chetanya Career

Master the art of speaking English

The worldwide recognition in the world of English is making it essential for all people to learn and use it. The ever-growing demands and significance of the language have led to dramatic growth in the number of English students and instructors/training institutes worldwide.

Learning and understanding any language isn’t a simple task for a nonnative speaker of the language, and that is also true for English.

How do you overcome the fear of speaking ENGLISH Fluently?

Being able to speak English is an ever-lasting process “a voyage of 1000 miles starts with one step,” so step forward confidently and never hesitate when speaking English. First, the issue is: Why do we hesitate to speak in English?

Many people hesitate because they are afraid that people might judge them. Whenever you have this thought in your thoughts, you should consider: how would you respond when a foreigner is trying to speak your native language? You don’t judge someone, would you? This is because you think that they are trying, and you usually view the efforts of another person in a positive light. In the same way, it is essential to make your effort positive when you attempt to communicate in English.

Be over your fears of Speaking English fluently using four easy and efficient techniques:

  • Consider it in English:

When you don’t have the habit of speaking in English, the mind will take time to process words and then translate them into sentences. The sentence is thought of in our native tongue before we translate it into English, And when we are trying to compose an English sentence English trying to translate each word or phrase into English.

  • Don’t strive for perfection:

Your desire to speak English flawlessly could hold you back. As they say, the only thing that is stopping you is “You. It is crucial to recognize that your mistakes aid in the learning process by learning through your errors. The earlier you begin speaking in English and begin to speak English, the faster you’ll reach an English speaking level.

  • Contact customer service:

Prepare a topic on any product. Then, contact the customer care representative, explaining your concern with that specific merchandise in English. The reason is that the other person on the line is unaware of who you are. Hence, it’s a chance to increase your confidence since you aren’t worried about being scrutinized by anyone.

  • Writing Journals:

Whatever thoughts come to mind, write your thoughts down on a sheet of paper, and do not pay attention to any grammar mistakes you could make. Practice this as frequently as possible until it becomes a routine and eventually aids you in improving your English proficiency abilities. This can help you feel more comfortable when speaking in English.

Here are some crucial aspects that can aid you in learning to speak and comprehend English

  • Be prepared to make errors:

If you’re trying to speak, don’t be scared of making mistakes. Humans are prone to errors when learning or performing any task, and the only way to avoid mistakes is to practice the correct methods until you are proficient. It is possible to feel embarrassed when you make mistakes but try again and never give up. The mistakes you create will only aid you in improving and performing better next time around.

  • Do not be afraid or shy about speaking to people:

One of the best ways to communicate fluent English is to speak it frequently. It will improve by speaking more English every day. It doesn’t matter how much you say, or if you are using lesser vocabulary or your pronunciation isn’t flawless. Learning to get it right by experimenting and using it frequently is only possible. Therefore, you should avoid shame and begin to work on it.

  • Do not compare yourself to others:

It is essential to realize that every human being is unique in their learning capabilities to succeed in different aspects of their lives. Therefore, it is vital not to compare yourself to other people. Be content with the person you are and strive to improve constantly. The only comparisons you are supposed to make should be between your current and previous capabilities or confidence levels.

  • Don’t be sad about yourself:

Sometimes, talking with someone speaking English fluently can make you feel down about your English capabilities. Remind yourself that you’re on the verge of learning, and sooner or later, you will likely get better.


Make sure to pay attention to these factors while learning. All you need to remember is that self-motivation and regular training can take you anywhere in your life. If you are dedicatedly willing to improve your spoken English, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. All you need is to pursue in the right direction keeping in mind all the points discussed above.

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