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Post Study Work Visa in UK

The UK is one such country where you would want to stay even after completing your studies. One of the significant reasons why students choose the UK for study is that they can support their living after graduation. The post study work visa in the UK facilitates your comfortable stay.

Post Study Work Visa in UK for immigrants

What are the eligibility criteria for the post study work visa?

Just last year, the UK government allayed all international students’ fears by announcing a 2-year post-study work visa for them. The new Graduate Route in the UK makes it possible for international students to stay back and work after their studies.

The Graduate Route is available to anyone graduating with a UK degree and holds a Tier 4 visa.

Postgraduate courses eligible for the Graduate Route, include:

A one-year Masters beginning in the 2020-21 academic year or later.

A two-year Masters beginning in the 2019-20 academic year or later

A three-year Masters (or longer) or a PhD beginning in the 2018-19 academic year or later.

Students completing other postgraduate (or undergraduate) degree-level courses will also be eligible, provided they graduate in the summer of 2021 or later.

If you have a valid UK immigration status and complete a course from a UK university, you will be eligible to find a job.

Postgraduate courses eligible for graduates for international students in UK

Top Business Jobs in UK

The UK is home to some of the best business universities in the world. Graduates from these universities can land some of the top management jobs in the UK and get hired by big organisations.

Top business schools in the UK are well represented among the best universities in the world, with most MBA courses ranking in top 50 worldwide. The UK provides diverse business study options not only in London but all over the country, with degree courses taught by experienced international teachers and great industry connections.

top management jobs in the UK

Some of the top management jobs in the UK, you can apply for are:

Business Analyst

Sales Manager

Business Development Consultant

Business Systems Support Officer

Business and Financial Project Management Professionals

Marketing and Sales Directors

Financial Analyst

HR Business Partner

Operations Manager

Business Support Coordinator

Senior Business Analyst

Regional Finance Officer

Business Customer Representative

Finance Manager

Finance Lead

Top Technology Jobs in UK

There are several thousand startups in the UK. These companies are based on IT and hire graduates from the technology field. UK companies also offer excellent remuneration to their employees.

You can grab these top tech jobs in the UK:

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Enterprise Architecture

With new emerging technologies, enterprise architects are taking up the more challenging role of ideation. Companies are also hiring them to secure their enterprise. Average salary paid to an enterprise architect in the UK is £65,000.

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IT Support Professionals

IT Support Professionals are continuously in demand as they are crucial for most businesses. They can provide support in a number of different ways including product support, supporting staff with any tech issues and helping run and maintain business tech and software. In London, IT Support Professionals can expect to be earning around £35,000 after a couple of years of experience.

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Cloud Engineer

With the vast number of businesses moving their day to day functions to the cloud, Cloud Engineering has become one of the most in demand jobs for 2020. A Cloud Engineer can look at earning an average salary of £54,911.

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Cyber Security Analyst

Businesses and organisations are investing heavily in their security technology, these days. The average salary of a Cyber Security Analyst is £44,390.

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Data Scientist

With more and more companies looking forward to capturing and utilizing data in order to improve performance, the demand for Data Scientists is on the rise. Data Scientists can look at earning an average salary of £52,743.

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IoT Engineers

IoT, or Internet of Things is the hottest topic in the tech market. An IoT engineer is in great demand in the industry and can earn an average salary of £64,658 in London.

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Blockchain Engineers

There has been a global increase in the demand for blockchain engineers and the UK is no exception. The position also offers a rewarding salary of around £68,000.

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App Developer

With a sharp increase in the use of mobile phones for everything, businesses are in need of innovative and professional app developers. The average base salary for an App Developer in the UK is £35,157.

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Machine Learning Engineer

Of all the new technologies in the market, machine learning is the latest one and businesses in the UK are investing a lot in it. The average salary for a Machine Learning Engineer in London is £67,950.

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SEO/SEM Marketers

SEO and SEM never gets old. With businesses getting online, it is assuming more importance. The average salary of an SEO marketer/manager is £42,500. If you work in marketing or IT then it might be worth gaining some SEO skills under your belt to secure a financially beneficial role.

Top Healthcare Jobs in UK

The Healthcare sector provides you a chance to make a difference in others’ lives. Top universities in the UK equip you with specialized skills and qualifications to get started in this field.

While doctors are paid really well in the UK, here are a few other most sought-after healthcare jobs in the UK:


Clinical Scientist


Nutritional therapist


Hospital Doctor


Occupational Therapists


Biomedical Scientists

Diagnostic Radiographers

Top Healthcare Jobs in UK after post study in UK

You can work in the National Health Service (NHS) or even private healthcare companies to get reasonable stipends.

Top Engineering Jobs in UK

According to studies, engineers are among the top 5 highest paid professionals in the UK. If you have decided to choose engineering as your career, you will land a job in the UK, without any doubt. Also, your work experience as an engineer will be recognised across the world.

Some top engineering jobs in the UK are:

Ground Operations Analyst

Production Engineer

Communications Officer

Design and Engineering Apprentice

Oil and Gas Engineer

Aerospace Engineer

Design and Development Engineer

Energy, Renewables and Nuclear Engineer

Food, Drinks and Consumer Good Engineer

Academic Engineer

Materials Engineer

Defence Engineer

Marine Engineer

Top Engineering Jobs in UK after post study in UK

Top occupations in UK

An excellent business environment is a crucial reason for international students to study in the UK. Immigrants move to the UK to expand their business and get highly paying jobs.

Some of the most in demand jobs in the UK are:

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Aircraft Controllers

Aircraft controllers carry a huge responsibility and their wages are determined by the amount of crucial work they do. If you work as an aircraft controller in the UK you can earn around £1,960 per week, thus making this job the highest paid in the UK.

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Legal Professionals

You can enter the legal job market if you possess a bachelor's degree in law. A law graduate can earn £1,349.3 per week in the UK.

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Brokers are among the highest paid and in demand jobs in the UK. A broker in the UK earns around £1,250 per week. To start a career as a stock market broker a bachelor degree in business-related subjects is necessary, but a higher qualification is highly recommended.

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Medical Practitioners

There is no doubt that the UK has one of the best medical systems in the world. Medical professionals are amongst the highest paid employees in the UK and earn around £1,220 per week.

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Graduate geology jobs are relatively well paid in the UK at an average of £28,000. The potential earnings for geology jobs can reach an average of £82,000 when you are in one of the more niche geology jobs.

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Investment Banker

Graduate jobs in investment banking pay £27,000 as a starting salary. However, a senior Investment Banker can earn an average of £78,000.

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Data Scientist

As a graduate, a career in data sciences offers an average salary of £27,000. You can earn much higher depending on your experience and seniority

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Software Developer

A software developer is in demand in almost all organisations. Therefore, this position is quite popular in the UK. The starting salary for a software developer in the UK can be £27,000.

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Business Analyst

A business analyst is assigned the work of analysing company data and thus defining its long-term goals. Business Analysts work with the company's operations/ management team, so are high up on the list of the best paid jobs in the UK.

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Business Strategy Analyst

They tend to work in all sectors including the IT & Tech, Finance, Banking, and Business. Given the combination of skills that a job as a Business Strategy Analyst requires, the graduate starting salary is usually fairly high.

Part-Time Jobs in UK

he UK is one of the best, but also one of the most expensive countries to study in. This is the reason why most of the international students take up part-time jobs to be able to cover their living expenses such as food, accommodation and travel. It is very easy to get part-time jobs in the UK for students if they are willing to explore and ready to do every kind of work available.

Where you can find work :

Part-time jobs can be exciting. You need to look for a job that interests you and gives you a learning and enriching experience at the same time. While you can take up both on campus and off-campus jobs in the UK, here are some popular sectors:


Work in the retail sector is amongst the most demanding, but readily available in the UK. It could involve working at a supermarket, drug store, clothing store, etc and the key to performing well is customer service and students can hope to improve their interpersonal skills while earning.


The hospitality industry is never short of jobs. From food stalls to high end restaurants and hotels you can take up duties like waitressing, waiting tables, reservations, or even some cooking.


Petrol stations, supermarkets and call centres also employ students for learning administration work.


Some students may also find an internship with a company that is relevant to their course of study in the UK. This is of course an excellent means of earning money while gaining experience and building contacts that can help land a job in the future.


Every university in the UK has different rules concerning their students working part-time. You will need to abide by these rules.

Hourly Rates in UK

The UK has a minimum wage applicable to its working population. The government reviews the wage in the UK, in April, every year. The per hour wages in the UK are applicable to even part-time workers.The hourly rates in the UK vary according to the age groups of the employees. To be entitled to the wage they must be of at least school leaving age, which is generally 16 in England. The current rates are as follows:

For those aged under 18, the hourly rate is £4.55

For those aged between 18 and 20, the hourly rate is £6.45

For those aged between 21 and 24, the hourly rate is £8.20

For those aged 25 and over, the hourly rate is £8.72 (now known as the National Living Wage)

For apprentices aged between 16 and 18 (or those aged over nineteen, who are in their first year), the hourly rate will be £4.15.

Please note that these wages are subject to change.

Stopwatch Image on Hourly wage rates in UK

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