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What is PTE?

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English.

PTE Academic assesses real-life, academic English. Trusted by universities, colleges and governments around the world, PTE is the most unbiased proof of an individual’s English skills. Its scores are accepted by thousands of education institutions in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Germany and more and are also approved for all types of visas in Australia and New Zealand.

The test focuses on day to day English rather than high-level English language and tests a students’ ability to effectively understand the language. The multi-level grading system ensures a better understanding of the student’s proficiency in the English language.

Conducted by Pearson Inc, the test allots 3 hours time to candidates and the results are available within just 48 hours of taking the test.

In the following sections, we’ll tell you everything about PTE so that you know its significance and make a wise decision.

Why PTE?

The fact that PTE scores are accepted across the world, makes it a popular choice among students. The test not only paves way for their entry into foreign countries, but also gives them a fair idea of their English language skills and how they will fare abroad.

If you are still thinking, why PTE exam, we’ll list several other unique advantages of the test.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Your English language skills are assessed by an algorithm based on human responses. This makes the assessment fair as you are judged for what you speak or write.

2. Unbiased results

There is no human interference and bias in the scoring as the exam is scored and tested by a computer.

3. Hundreds of centres worldwide

PTE offers global testing in more than 295 test centers in over 50 countries. This makes it easy for students to choose a centre of their choice.

4. Fast results

With the use of advanced technology, the PTE exam delivers results within just 48 hours of taking the test.

And not to forget its wide acceptance in some of the most prestigious educational institutes around the world.

While the requirements and conditions for immigration vary from one country to another, it is still the most popular English language test worldwide.

Our Approach

Our PTE online coaching classes are designed to get you closer to your dream study destination at affordable prices.

You get to prepare for all sections – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking under the excellent guidance of our English language experts who have several years of experience in the field.

Ultimately, it’s the success of our students that makes us the most popular PTE institute in Haryana. We strive to identify students’ weaknesses and guide them accordingly.

Improve your understanding of the PTE exam and learn strategies to get a good score that can land you in your dream country. With our exceptional guidance and practice sessions, develop your confidence and skills for the test and get going.

How to Prepare?

The preparation for the PTE exam requires students to be thorough with their English language skills across sections. You can achieve the desired scores in the exam with the right guidance and preparation courses.

Chetanya Careers aims to support you throughout the preparation phase and keep you motivated to study abroad. You can enrol with Chetanya Careers for a comprehensive preparation for the PTE exam.

Here’s a definitive guide to help you prepare for the PTE exam and perform exceptionally well.

1. Take time to understand the test format: Once you are aware of the structure of the test in detail, you know what you need to expect from the test taken by students worldwide.

2. Practice sample tests: Intensive practise sessions can help you achieve good scores in PTE. You can download the Official Practice App that gives you a lot of information about the test apart from practice tests and coursebooks.

3. Know your strengths and weaknesses: When you start preparing for the test, you will get to know the grey area. Your aim should be to improve in those sections while also consolidating others. Taking guidance from experts can be of great help here.

4. Practice mocks: The best way to prepare for any exam is to practice in the exam setting to give you those feels. It would help if you considered joining a coaching institute to practice mock tests regularly.

PTE Test Format

PTE Academic test is a 3-hour long session during which you will be given a computer and headset to listen to, read and respond to questions

To understand the PTE test format, you should know about the three main parts of the test:

Speaking and Writing (together): 77-93 minutes

To assess your speaking skills, you will be required to give your personal introduction and read aloud text. There are other tasks like describing images, repeating sentences and retelling lectures. This section also includes essay writing for which you will be given 20 minutes.

Reading: 32-40 minutes

Questions in this section are designed to test reading among other English skills. You will be required to answer different multiple choice questions and fill in the blanks.

Listening: 45-57 minutes

This section consists of audio and video clips that you need to listen to carefully and take notes. You will then have to answer questions in different formats based on these clips.

You can also take an optional 10-minute break between the reading and listening sections. PTE is an integrated skill test and therefore you will find twenty different question formats, ranging from multiple choice through to essay writing and interpreting information.


PTE and IELTS are the two popular English language tests for students who wish to study abroad. While both these exams aim to test the English language proficiency for immigration and are valid for 2 years, this comparison of PTE vs IELTS, will help you choose wisely as per your requirements.

Mode of examination: Computer based Vs Students can choose to give the test on computer or paper

Speaking test: Interview with computer Vs Face-to-face human interview

Skills tested: Academically and socially relevant tasks to test English language skills Vs Everyday English in a social or workplace context. Not much importance given to academic skills

Navigating questions: You can only navigate forward through questions. This means you cannot come back to a question at a later stage Vs You may skip questions and come back to them at a later time

Test format: Speaking and writing (77-93 minutes) Reading (32-41 minutes) Listening (45-57 minutes) Maximum total test time: 191 minutes Vs Writing (60 minutes) Reading (60 minutes) Listening (30-36 minutes) Speaking (11-14 minutes) Maximum total test time: 170 minutes

Scoring: The entire test is marked by a computer following the PTE automated scoring system Vs Writing and Speaking sections are marked by IELTS examiners and Reading and Listening tests are auto-marked

Choosing between PTE vs IELTS could be difficult for students who are appearing in these tests for the first time. You can avail the services of our expert consultants experienced in guiding students preparing to immigrate for studies.

Learn the difference between PTE & IELTS tests for study abroad programmes

Types of PTE

While PTE Academic is the main English language proficiency test for study and immigration purposes, there are some different types with respect to entry into the UK.

PTE Academic UKVI is one of them. There aren’t many significant differences with respect to the test format and curriculum when compared to PTE Academic.

You are applying for a General student visa (Tier 4) and you are planning to study below degree level (e.g. a Foundation or Pathways course or professional English course).

You wish to study at degree level or above at somewhere that is not a Higher Education Institution (HEI)

You are applying for a General student visa (Tier 4) and are planning to study at degree level or above. Please check with your Higher Education Institution (HEI) to confirm their specific English requirements.

Start-up visa

Innovator visa

General work visa (Tier 2)

Minister of religion visa (Tier 2)

Those applying for family or settlement visas, appear for PTE Home tests. Each PTE Home test is a pass–fail speaking and listening test, taken on a computer in a secure and friendly test environment. They are also approved by the UK Home Office.

There are three levels of PTE Home test.

PTE Home A1

This is a beginner-level test which is accepted as proof of language proficiency for several family and work visas.

PTE Home A2

This is for the visas that require proof of English language improvement in order to qualify for an extension.

PTE Home B1

Those who want to settle in the UK permanently and need to prove that their English language is at CEFR level B1, give this test.

When you choose to enrol at a PTE coaching institute, you can expect to get the right direction with respect to these differences and which test to choose.

Best PTE Scores

PTE Academic is scored against the Global Scale of English (GSE). The scale runs from 10 – 90, with clear statements for what a learner can achieve in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing at any point on the scale.

Designed by teachers from across the world, this scale of scoring students allows them to assess how good their English skills are and if or not they are making any progress.

PTE scores are interpreted as following:

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


You are flawless when it comes to understanding and using the English language in academic as well as social environment.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited

Very Good

Your command on the language is good but you occasionally make some errors.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


You understand a major part of the language but also make errors from time to time.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


You understand the language in specific contexts very well.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


Your ability to use English language in familiar situations is sometimes obstructed by lack of knowledge and understanding.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


You only have a general understanding of English language and face frequent breakdowns in communication.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited

Extremely Limited

You have great difficulty in understanding spoken and written English.

You also get to see a graphical representation of your scores to help you analyse and identify your strengths and weaknesses.


PTE is a popular English language proficiency testing exam across the world. With more and more students opting for the test, it makes sense to discuss some of the most frequently asked questions.

How long is the PTE score valid?

The PTE report card is valid for two years.

What is the age limit to appear for the PTE Exam?

Candidates below the age of 16 cannot appear for the test. Those below 18 years need to get a parental consent form signed by either parents or guardians before taking the test. The consent form is available on the official website.

When is the PTE exam conducted?

You can choose a time and place that suits you with test sessions running 360 days a year at over 200 locations worldwide.

How many times can you appear for the exam?

Any number of times. Although you are required to wait until you’ve received the scores of the previous PTE test before applying for another.

What is the PTE exam format?

PTE is conducted on computer. The exam has three parts- speaking and writing, reading, and listening.

Student Testimonials

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


I was surprised with the way Chetanya has helped me with PTE training. Thank you everyone at Chetanya for answering my queries on time. Your support led me to score well in my first attempt.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


I dedicate my PTE score to the Chetanya team. Without their timely support, I know it wasn’t possible for me to achieve great scores.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited

Aneesh Malik

I was exploring New Zealand for my further studies. But had no idea of how to get started. At Chetanya, I found everything. Their support staff is experienced, they made it easier for me to surf the waves.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


Germany is my dream destination for pursuing higher studies but with a lack of how to get started, I thought it will be the extreme hurdle to endeavor my dream. Thanks to Chetanya for assisting me timely and making it fun to crack IELTS. If you are wondering what works best for your case, I recommend connecting with 3C, they are the best.

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