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What is IELTS?

Understanding IELTS

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System

IELTS is a world-leading proficiency test that checks the English language skills of Non-Native English language speakers who desire to study or work in Native English-speaking countries.

In the present global education scenario, IELTS is mandatory and has validation in more than 160 countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, etc.

Who conducts the IELTS Exam?

Three internationally-focused organizations conduct the IELTS exam:


The University of Cambridge is the producer of the IELTS exam. They determine the whole pattern of the exam, its syllabus, marking criteria, and the way of conducting the exam

Test Takers

The International Development Program (IDP) in Australia and British Council Division (BCD) in the UK are the two bodies responsible for conducting the exam worldwide. Only IDP is responsible for conducting the IELTS exam in India as IDP and BCD merged in August 2021.


IELTS exam has two modules:


The academic IELTS exam is to acquire a study visa

General Training

GT exam is for working professionals who wish to apply for a PR or work permit.

Details of IELTS Exam

The result is declared in the form of a band score 0-9. 0 is for not attempting the exam, and nine is for the expert user.

The band score is valid for the time of two years. Within this period, one can apply for a visa.

The result for the pen-paper-based exam is declared on the 13th day, whereas on the 5th day for CD- IELTS.


The only eligibility globally for the IELTS exam is that the candidate must be 16 years old.


Exam Pattern


Listening: It is an integrated task, i.e., it involves all Reading, writing, and listening skills. Firstly, listen to the audio, either a monologue or a conversation. Then, read the question in the test booklet and write the answer accordingly.

It is a 40 minutes task from which the first 30 minutes are to perform, and the remaining 10 minutes are to copy answers to the answer sheet.

There are approximately 40 questions comprising MCQs, Fillups, Short Answers, Match-ups, etc.


Reading: It is a 60 minutes task consisting of 3 sections.

There are three long texts for Academics, one in each section containing 12-14 questions in total, whereas for GT, there are five texts in total- 4 short and one long. The candidate must read the text carefully and then write answers to the questions, such as MCQs, Fillups, T/F & NG, Headings, Short Answer Questions, etc.

Here unlike Listening, no extra time is given to transfer answers.


Writing: It is also a 60 minutes module comprising two tasks.

Writing Task 1 for academics is Report Writing, whereas, for GT, it is letter writing. Both should be of at least 150 words.

Writing Task 2 is the same for academics and GT, consisting of an essay of atleast 250 words.


Speaking: It takes approx 14-15 minutes. 

Firstly, the candidate has to introduce themself. Followed by it, the examiner asks general questions related to the introduction.

Next is the Candidate Task Card or Cue Card- A topic for the candidate. The candidate reads the topic, takes one minute to make notes on it, and speaks over it for 2-3 minutes.

Based on the Speaking, the examiner asks follow-up questions to the candidate for the next 4-5 minutes.

Why Chetanya for IELTS?

Let’s look at what makes Chetanya Career Consultants one of the best IELTS institutes in North India.

1. Experienced staff for IELTS training.

2. Provide result-oriented preparation for all four modules of the IELTS exam.

3. The study material provided for preparation is updated from time to time as per the Cambridge guidelines.

4. Continuously focus work on improvement of the candidate.

5. Premier class infrastructure.

6. Dedicated services for monitoring problems faced by the candidate

7. Impeccable visa counseling addresses all sorts of doubts in a candidate’s mind and helps them conclude what is best for them.

8. Encourage personalized and best visa consultant services.

Study in Australia


Wayback In 2008, Chetanya Career Consultants laid a foundation in Ladwa, a small town in Haryana. It came up as the root of our magnificent tree providing fruits in the form of the best IELTS coaching providers in India. 3C experienced its remarkable journey of mentoring thousands of students with quality services.

new delhi_chetanya_careers


Are you looking for the best IELTS coaching institute in Delhi? If yes, then your search ends at Chetanya Career Consultants as we offer you the best IELTS coaching and helps you in preparing each module with excellence.

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Chetanya Career consultation has its corporate office in Kurukshetra. It took a lot of effort to build up a reputation and gather fame as a thriving IELTS coaching center in Kurukshetra with outstanding results.

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Equipped with artistic infrastructure and modernized facilities, our Assandh office encourages young minds toward a hassle-free path of overseas education. Fulfilling your dreams with the best IELTS band score is our only ambition.

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To not let any aspirant leave from getting our authentic visa services, Chetanya Career Consultants started an office in Kaithal. Delivering result-driven IELTS coaching is our motto, always leading us forward.

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3C has the purpose of delivering impeccable services all over Haryana. Our Panipat office added another feather in our cap. Our holistic insight encourages students to move forward in acquiring overseas education with the desired band score.

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Yamuna Nagar

3C believes that something good is always meant to be shared. So, applying the same to our services, we opened our office in Yamuna Nagar, facilitating aspirants’ dream to fly abroad for a better future with the best IELTS training.

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To provide result-oriented IELTS coaching to the students in Ambala, 3C opened an office here. We focus on establishing ourselves as trustworthy IELTS coaching providers in Ambala.

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After establishing a solid network of dedicated services in Haryana, 3C looks forward to Punjab. We opened our office in Ropar and laid the foundation for one of Punjab’s best IELTS coaching centers.

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To build a strong network encouraging the best IELTS coaching for overseas education, 3C opened the Karnal office. It imparts excellent visa counseling for the study abroad aspirants, which tends to direct them to smooth pathways.


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