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Choose a Course that interests you

Whether it’s selecting a college, the course you wish to study or the subject you should major in, a little direction can help you arrive at the right decision.

The above choices require a lot of thought and understanding of the student’s end.

Several factors need to be reviewed before concluding, as these choices can make or break your career.

We help you become capable of making decisions best suited for you by giving you guidance, information, and the clarity you need.

Choose a Course that interests you -3C

Five Dimensions

Figuring out what course to study in college becomes a lot easier when you understand yourself.  Our 5-dimensional career assessment test will help you find interesting courses based on preference, motivators, and skills. This test helps you understand what course or major is best for you.


The five aspects of an individual that are studied at length in this test include :

interest icon -3C


Understand where your passion lies and decide on a suitable course or college major.



Learn about several aspects of your personality and where they can be useful.

Learning Style - 3C

Learning style

Learn about different learning styles and become aware of the one you’re most comfortable with to utilize your potential.

Career motivators - 3C

Career motivators

Know what keeps you going or motivates you about a particular course, specialization or career.

Skills & abilities - 3C

Skills & abilities

Get to know your talents and abilities before selecting a course to study.

Why this assessment?

A thorough career assessment simplifies the process of selecting a major, a college, or a career. Push towards your goals and improve your academic decisions, thereby securing your future.

Scheduler career counseling sessions with our experts, and learn new things about yourself.

Our career assessment tools pinpoint your preferences and prioritize them while recommending the answers you’re looking for.

We also help you understand how you can enhance your skills and capabilities.

Career Counseling - Chetanya Careers
help career assessment -3C

How is this helpful for me?

Doubts about the future are natural, despite the best advice from friends and family. Get the answers you’re searching for with:

A career assessment test and counselors, to help you weigh your upcoming prospects and know where your abilities lie.

Your understanding of suitable courses, majors, and careers means you’ll be better placed to make decisions.

Guidance regarding your career path and important factors to consider.

Further, we will analyze the choices you shortlist and expand your knowledge about them. Most importantly, you will be able to understand where you are and where you’d like to be after you complete your education.

Pricing Plans

  • Virtual Session
  • 4999
    *inclusive of 18% GST
    • Take the free career assessment test at the comfort of your home
    • On-demand access to the career assessment report
    • 1 Virtual counseling session with the student
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  • One on One Session
  • 5999
    *inclusive of 18% GST
    • Pre-assessment orientation
    • State of the art infrastructure
    • Flexible test slots
    • On-demand assistance
    • Report analysis discussion with the student
    • 1 counseling session with the family
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Tanishq - Chetanya Careers


Absolutely great experience! The counseling session was very structured at the start and it helped me understand where I should channel my skills and abilities and what areas will suit me and at the end, I got a chance to ask all the questions I needed. Chetanya’s Career Counselors are an expert in the field and their advice is very spot on!

Shikhar - Chetanya Careers


The counseling session was really helpful. I learned a lot about myself and where my strengths lie. I found a lot more information on what my stream offers and what branch I should choose in order to achieve my dream career path. Overall it was an amazing experience and students should consider taking such counseling sessions if they have even the slightest doubt in their mind about choosing the right career path and to have a wider view of what certain fields offer.

Jasraj - Chetanya Careers

Jasraj Singh

I’m glad that I decided to get career counseling done for my child at an early stage. Chetanya’s Career Counseling assessment helped me gain perspective on my child’s abilities and it has given me direction on how to plan his future according to his interests. I now have a clear idea of my child’s skills and abilities and the co-curricular activities in which he can excel. -MS. NISHU (MOTHER)

Sehajveer - Chetanya Careers

Sehajveer Singh

I never had the idea that my child could be assessed on so many parameters. I’m pretty sure that the exploration of my child’s personality and interests by the certified counselors at Chetanya will help me ensure a brighter future for my child. Ms. SEEMA (MOTHER)

Amritansh - Chetanya Careers

Amritansh Mehrota

Actually, I had enough resources, and information about career planning. But I was in need of a concrete plan to achieve the goal. Chetanya Career Counselor gave me proper guidance regarding my career choices after graduation. My areas of strength were discussed thoroughly along with the alternate paths which had decent career options. It was a great experience with Chetanya Career Counseling.

Aayushi - Chetanya Careers


I am currently going into my third year of Bachelor's in Psychology honors. I was at complete crossroads regarding my career and talking with Chetanya Counselors gave me a lot of clarity in terms of which career path I should take. Their assessment discovered my true personality and the areas I can excel. They also provided me with a complete career roadmap. Overall I had a wonderful experience.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited

Rakshit Saini

The counseling session went pretty well. Career Counselors at 3C directed the course according to my significant interests and relevancy. The Pre-Counseling session helped me soaking up contemplations to my space field. The doubts which I had in my mind were cleared which were particularly valuable to me.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited

Armaan Goyal

It thoroughly cleared my doubts. You gave directions to my aim and helped me to set new target to achieve. The Psychometric Test was really helpful. You assisted me with knowing myself all the more profoundly. The analysis was accurate and portrays my actual character and interests. I'm happy to such an extent that you assisted me to the optimum capacity.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited

Sakshi Agarwal

Hi, I am an alumnus of Chetanya. I was stuck at a point in life where I could go forward in the career path. This discouraged and confused me. Luckily, I got the best advice ever. They assisted me with making the 'main stride' of career progression choosing a profession that was relevant and suited my interests. Many thanks for your assistance, direction, and energy.

yatharth - Chetanya Careers

Yatharth Sharma

Being a graduate, I had no idea about my career direction. With very limited information to make any decision and lack of right guidance. At this stage, the 3C counselling team helped me to know what are the risks involved and helped me by giving the action plan to explore my strengths and weakness, career options, gather Information and match my options with my strengths & abilities. I definitely recommend everyone must go for a career counselling session at 3C.

Rubeen Kaur - chetanya Careers

Rubeen Kaur

I comprehend that I was having enough assets and data about vocation arranging. I gave a smart thought of my vocation choices and domain knowledge. I required a solid intent to accomplish the objective. I came to know about 3C who have magnificent affirmed career counsellors. I booked a lifelong advising sessions with 3C. It was a stunning encounter. It made me more certain and optimistic about the various career paths that I might be able to pursue. Much obliged to you such a great amount for the significant meeting.

Suhani Goyal - Chetanya Careers

Suhani Goyal

After the Career Counselling with 3C, which was incredibly informative and enlightening. I understood my vocation needs and ready to relate with practical choices dependent on our meetings. I acquired is a superior comprehension on the skills of what I'm searching for in a drawn-out vocation that is most appropriate to my character and with a sensible activity intend to improve professional choice. Being a student of XII, I highly recommend Career Counseling to everyone who is in 10th, 11th& 12thstd.

Ekanshi - Chetanya Careers


Hi Everyone, I am Ekanshi. I have finished my Bachelors of Business Administration from Kurukshetra University. Recently, I attended a Career Counselling session at 3C. I have gone through the 3-stage pattern of professional guidance. To exemplify Pre-Counselling session, psychometric evaluation, which is the heart and soul of the counselling process. I strongly recommend Chetanya Career Counselling session to those who want to know the availability of career paths.

Manpreet Singh - chetanya Careers

Manpreet Singh

I would like to thank and perceive the endeavours of 3C Career Counselling Team. I was at the diffused stage in career planning. I gave a sensible thought of the vocation that would suit me. However, I needed more guidance towards my career path. Therefore, I visited the 3C group to investigate my professional way, align my abilities and interests with the best possible career options along with a realistic execution plan. I feel very confident what I must choose after my 12thSTD

Inderpreet Singh - chetanya Careers

Inderpreet Singh

From my experience of the Career counselling sessions at 3C, I thoroughly enjoyed the session. The process involves a Pre-counselling session, followed by a Psychometric assessment and counselling options. It assisted in determining the territories where I could develop relevant skills. I would highly recommend students of class 12th who would like to explore several career options and reach out to the Career Counselling team at 3C.

harshit - chetanya Careers

Harshit Sehgal

Hey guys, I am Harshit Sehgal; I have done my graduation from Kurukshetra University. I have taken sessions from 3C Career Counselling. It is a three-venture measure, which involves, 1) Pre Counselling, 2) Psychometric Assessment 3) Counselling with Career Execution plan. I firmly suggest that each understudy should visit 3C for Career Counselling and are benefitted

Riya - Chetanya Careers

Riya Chaudhary

I need to express profound gratitude to 3C for the extraordinary administrations gave, i.e. Career Counselling. I am excited to talk about my profession alternatives and get vocation choices as indicated by my advantage. I would have stayed in a despondent climate had I not seen you. At the point when I initially visited you, I had no clearness about anything. If you were to ask me how fulfilled I am with respect to my vocation decision, it would be 10/10.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited

Sumit Kaushik

I am overwhelmed about the profession-directing meeting. It supported my certainty and offered me the profession guide for the accompanying ten years. I was dubious about the heading of my profession way fitting my character. The organizations to anticipate while looking for my dream work. The profession Personality and Interest report was marvelous.


Shalvi Shrivastava

Much obliged to you such a huge amount for your help in profession direction. The three-venture interaction of profession advising was fantastic. It totally transformed me. Without your direction and counsel, I was discovering trouble in picking a lifelong way. Appreciate every person of the Career Counselling Team of 3C.

Bikram Singh - Chetanya Careers

Bikram Singh

After the meeting, I felt invigorated and certain that there were various vocation decisions for me that would suit my character & interests – a help in itself. Most supportive was the psychometric evaluation and the manner in which I saw things that I could never have had the option to get myself. I was considerably more dazzled when I have to follow up data and uplifting statements to continue to push ahead in what I have decided to accomplish.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


Like any other student in 12th grade, I had a lot of confusion going on in my mind. My parents encouraged me to try Chetanya’s career assessment & counseling services. After my session with them, I felt more assured about my future than before. They made me realize that choosing the right career is not that complicated after all.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


I learned my son’s strengths and gained an insight into his preferences. Now we are also able to understand the challenges he faces academically and support him. We suggest other parents to approach Chetanya and help their young children to discover and plan their future course of action. The team is professional and really helpful.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


When we reached out to Chetanya for our daughter’s career assessment, we thought maybe it was too early as she’s still so young. But it turned out to be the best decision ever. They studied her mind and personality in such depth that she was easily able to select the subjects best suited for her in 9th grade.

Chetanya Career Consultants Private Limited


I was aware of my interests but unsure about what career path would match my personality and strengths. Chetanya’s career counselors helped me get a better idea about the same and also showed me how to plan my career. I want to thank them for everything they’ve done, but most importantly for making me believe in myself. If I have a chance at a good career, it’s because of them.


How will this test help me choose the right course?

This test will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, further our counsellor will lead you to the right course.

Will this test help me change my stream?

 It will make  you delve deep into where lies your true inclination regarding stream selection, rather than the random selection made in the past.

What is a five-dimensional career assessment test?

It is a highly accurate and reliable assessment based on well-proven psychometric theories.

How do I get a comprehensive report of my test?

Once you will complete your test, you will be navigated to the page to  generate your comprehensive report.

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