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All you need to know about PTE

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English, and it is a computer-based skills test that determines the English Language proficiencies of Non-Native who desire to study or work in foreign countries. Thousands of people count on PTE to open doors to new career opportunities and immigration possibilities every year.
Keep reading to address all your queries regarding PTE

Who conducts the PTE Exam?

Pearson PLC Group conducts PTE. They commenced it 12 years ago to combine technology with their expert English language team and help aspirants get accurate and faster results.

What are the unmatched benefits of PTE?

  • Unbiased criteria: The whole process of the PTE exam is based on Artificial Intelligence. Thus, it does not involve any partiality.
  • Convenience to applicants: The PTE test session runs 360 days a year, including 18 test locations in India. Frequent test dates are available throughout the month. Therefore, it is highly convenient for candidates to book tests on desired dates and test locations.
  • Easy scheduling: schedule tests up to 24 hours in advance of the exam date.
  • Fast and accurate results: PTE results are typically available within 5 working days. PTE results are precise solely. Results are declared in the format of points 10 to 90.
  • Scoring exam pattern:As the PTE exam comprises 20 different question types, it is considered a scoring exam in contrast to IELTS, which contains ambiguous questions that are sometimes tricky to answer
  • Trusted result: PTE result is trusted and recognized by thousands of institutions in many prestigious countries.
  • Send scores unlimited times: You can send your results unlimited times to universities as per your desire. PTE charges no extra fee for additional score reports.
  • Judge real-life skills: The PTE exam does not focus merely on testing just British or American English; it tests ‘international’ English. It prepares you for life abroad as you listen to university lectures and respond to questions about life on campus.

What are the types of PTE exams?

Here are the types of PTE exams. You can choose them according to your purpose of going abroad

  • PTE Academic
    Clearing up this exam paves a path to the highly reputed universities and professional bodies for those aspirants who wish to acquire overseas education.


  • PTE Academic Online
    The sole purpose of this test is the same as that of PTE Academic, and the only difference is one can give a trial in the comfort of home when incapable of reaching the test location. Although, certain essential factors must be kept in mind before registering for your online PTE at Home test.


  • PTE General
    PTE General is accepted as proof of English Language proficiency for both education and work Abroad. It is opted for by working professionals.


  • PTE Academic UKVI
    The PTE UKVI is a Secure English Language Test (SELT) endorsed by the UK for all kinds of visas. For those candidates who wish to work, live or study in the UK, PTE Academic UKVI is a considerable choice.


  • PTE Young Learners
    It is an English language skill test involving real-life instances for children aged 6-13 years. It has lifetime validity.

Which countries accept PTE Scores?

Countries that accept PTE Exam Scores for checking out the eligibility of aspirants are Australia, the USA, the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, and New Zealand.
In Australia and New Zealand, PTE Score is strongly acceptable for both study and PR.

What are the eligibility criteria for a PTE test taker?

The candidate must be at least 16 years old to give this exam. Candidates below 18 must take a parental consent form signed by either parents or guardians before taking the PTE test.
Typing speed of PTE test takers should be 15-20 words per min.

Let us understand the PTE Exam Pattern.

PTE Exam includes four modules based on which assessment is done

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening
    • Speaking & Writing:
      This portion of the PTE test is 54-57 minutes long, containing 28-36 questions of the following types:
      Speaking consists of

        • Introduction
        • Read Aloud
        • Repeat sentence
        • Describe Image
        • Retell a lecture
        • Short answer questions

      Writing includes:

          • Precise writing (75 to 130 words).
          • Essay writing (200 to 300 words).


      Reading is a 29-30 mins long task involving 13-18 questions of the following type.

            • Multiple Choice Questions with a single answer.
            • Multiple Choice Question with multiple answers
            • Re-order paragraph.
            • Fill in the blanks.


      Listening tasks stretch over 30-43 minutes, including 12 to 20 questions of the following type:

            • Summarise spoken text.
            • Multiple Choice Questions with a single answer
            • Multiple Choice Question with multiple answers
            • Highlight the correct summary
            • Highlight incorrect words
            • Find the missing words.
            • Fill in the blanks.
            • Dictation.

What's new in PTE?

In the updated PTE Exam pattern implemented from 16th November 2021, the exam length is reduced. One can complete PTE Academic in just two hours instead of three. The type of question and exam pattern is the same as before, and just the number of questions from each question type is reduced. Thus, making the PTE exam shorter. The change is implemented to offer test-takers an improved experience without affecting the accuracy of the test.

How to crack the PTE Exam with good scores?

Here are a few proven techniques that could help the candidate score well in PTE.
These are:

  • Be fluent while speaking
  • Do not use fake accents
  • Use intonations at the right time
  • Avoid taking pauses longer than 3 seconds
  • Do not rush while speaking
  • Avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes
  • Buildability to create complex sentences
  • Be alert to negative marking
  • As speaking and listening are interrelated, attempt them carefully
  • Practice more and more
  • Regularly try complete mock tests to overcome exam fear
  • Speak clearly in your accent
  • Buildability to answer all sections in time

Now, as we discussed almost everything about the PTE exam, it is also essential to choose that institute for your preparation that can mentor you well in every step.
Let’s look at what makes Chetanya one of the best PTE institutes in North India.

  • Experienced staff for PTE coaching.
  • Provide result-oriented preparation for all four modules of the PTE exam.
  • A dedicated lab class provides an exam-like environment
  • The study material provided for preparation is updated from time to time as per the Pearson guidelines.
  • Continuously focus work on improvement of the candidate.
  • Premier class infrastructure.

Are you still facing any doubts?
Contact Chetanya Career Consultants (3C). We adhere to clarify all your doubts efficiently. You are just a step away from cracking the PTE exam and turning your dream of studying abroad into a magical reality.

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