Is it worth studying abroad?

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Is it worth studying abroad

Is it worth studying abroad?

Most of you must wonder why spending so much time and money on overseas education when we have ample good institutions in India?
CNBC TV 18 states that India is the second-largest source of international students globally. As per the Ministry of External Affairs data, 2,61,406 students went abroad in 2020, and 71,769 left last year from India. This inclination is the result of the aspiration of Indian students to acquire global education. Studying abroad is a dream for many students as the universities, and educational institutions emphasise more on students’ skills and personality development. Let us know what reasons pursue Indian students to acquire overseas education.
This blog will explain a few reasons why studying abroad is a better option than studying in India. Keep reading!

Few benefits of studying abroad:

Wonders happen when you break away from the constraints of your comfort zone. There are multiple advantages to studying abroad, and it helps you grow and develop as a person and as a professional. In this era of tough competition in the Indian education system, studying abroad will give you an edge over others.

1. Global ranking of Universities: 

Only three Indian universities, namely Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bangalore, are ranked among the top 200 universities in the world. But due to high population and competition, not every deserving candidate got a chance to study at these universities.

The list of top universities is mainly ruled by universities from the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. As foreign universities are highly ranked, students get academic exposure and vast opportunities.

2. Flexible education system:

The foreign universities facilitate student-friendly and flexible education systems in contrast to Indian education systems. You can opt for more than one subject at a particular time and opt for free elective, minor or dual significant programs.

International exposure is the key to overall development giving rise to confidence, openness and easy adaptability.

3. Multicultural Proficiency: 

As every country has its own culture and values, they learn about different cultures when a student goes abroad. Such experiences boost confidence in pursuing new challenges in life, and they will infuse social skills leading the way to holistic development.

4. Broader perspective:

 Studying in a foreign university makes you an expert in your educational field. With the best faculty and designed courses, these universities provide a different level of expertise.

Studying abroad gives different kinds of experience and opens up new horizons. You can experience cultural diversity, different lifestyles, better living conditions and advanced technology, and all these aspects are entirely different from India.

5. More discipline, less strictness:

The education methodology in foreign countries aims to develop core disciplinary values instead of rigid and strict education systems. It creates a relaxing environment for students to cultivate their learnings well.

Instead of just focusing on theoretical knowledge, foreign countries believe in developing skills practically. Practical knowledge is something we never forget.

6. Creates a global network: 

Networking is the prime factor of success these days. Studying in a foreign university will connect you with many working professionals and experts in your field. It will enrich your knowledge and build up a strong network offering benefits in the long run.

Networking is beneficial in corporate life and when starting up your own business. It will help your business secure potential clients without searching for them. So, it will help you to kick start your business.

7. Better communication skills: 

Communication and interpersonal skills are prime benefits of studying at a foreign university. You will learn new languages that would, in return, help you to express your opinions to different people.

These soft skills will remain with your lifetime and help you grow into a well-developed individual. This will help you to develop abilities to present yourself in different types of situations.

As soft skills play a pivotal role in getting desired jobs, you will develop better communication skills that will quickly help you get a job.

8. Great scholarships:

 Plenty of scholarships are available for international students, reducing their study costs significantly. Several universities abroad have education costs equivalent to India and sometimes less with scholarships. You will receive several benefits like travel discounts, free healthcare, discounts on restaurants, etc.

9. Travel to exotic places: 

Travelling is vital to gaining experiences. It helps to know well and appreciate others’ world views and find loopholes in your own. 

While studying in foreign universities, you can travel to exotic places and explore life in ways which seem truly impossible while studying in India. You will gain an enriching experience by learning about new cultures and people

10. Better quality of life:

 Better quality of life comprises safety and security you will embrace in foreign countries. Studying abroad will introduce you to a better world focusing on safety, security, and financial stability.

11. Enjoy the perks of being an international student:

An international student experiences so many benefits while studying in a foreign country. While some countries offer free travelling locally with student ID cards, others offer discounts on books, stationery, and other utilities

12. Job opportunities:

By facing global competition, you will develop the art of problem-solving quickly. Also, you can do part-time jobs while studying abroad, which will make you independent and responsible for meeting your living expenses.

Degrees from foreign universities open the gateway to several employment opportunities. Studying overseas will make you industry ready and help you grab high paying jobs.

13. Advanced research opportunities:

Countries like Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, the US and the UK invest considerable money in several research initiatives. Becoming part of these prestigious countries will boost your career immensely. If you are willing to go to a research field, a foreign university opens a gateway to success for you with ample opportunities.

Conclusion of Benefits of study abroad

After completing your education programs at universities abroad, you will have ample job opportunities for a better future. Recruiters constantly surge for employees with global experience due to better potential than others. Acquiring international education will enhance your CV and make you discoverable for decent jobs.

So, these were the advantages of studying abroad for Indian students.

But it is mandatory to check the placement records of universities before applying to it. Thus, checking the reviews and ratings of any college is essential before taking admission. Think about specific parameters for the country like the return on investment, open to PR, healthcare and research infrastructure.
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