Impact Of Career Counselling Towards Right Career Path

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Career counselling for students

Impact Of Career Counselling Towards Right Career Path

Career Path

A career is a long lasting journey of self-investigation and self-articulation. Appropriate direction at the perfect time in a legitimate way assists you with using sound judgment during the choice of the vocation alternatives.

In India, we work in offices on average for 9 hr/day.

If you work for 5 days, 52 weeks per year and 30 years in your entire career, the total time spend on your career is 70,200 hours of your life at work which means how important it is to you to enjoy your career path.

The practice usually followed by students of standard X and XII opt a stream by following their companions. This is altogether off-base angle to make the choice to a career path. This decision can be easily simplified with the help of 3C career counsellors and there are plethora of benefits who can guide you to make the right choice for the students. Some of the benefits are:

  • 3C team analyse the student’s point of view, after evaluating their finding through 3C’s assessment tool’s, he could be guided to seek the profession that accommodates his advantage, character and abilities.
  • Career counsellor at 3C devises a road map for the next 5-10 years to ensure the interests meets the proper objective before opting the career path
  • 3C Career instructor readies a format of the best profession alternatives and prompt your vocation in the direction to a successful career
  • The direction given to the students on the current ventures empowers him to choose the career path according to his interests.

Stages of Career Counselling

  1. Career Counselling for Students After Standard X
  2. Career Counselling for Students After Standard XII
  3. Career Counselling for professionals

Choosing a career-path in a post-pandemic period

In this pandemic, with the closure of schools, institutions and reduction of the business hours for the educators, an incredible effect is there on the students and other stakeholders. The secondary and post-optional instruction has largely affected by the pandemic, with paradigm shift in the way the educators impart quality education to the students through various online platforms.

Despite the challenges posed to both leaners and educators, transitioning to the offline mode to the online mode has become a panacea. Despite newly evolved challenges, we at Chetanya will leave no stone unturned to shape your career in a right way and assist you to adopt a system, which will empower you with future insights about your career path.

With 3C’s five dimensions, you will be able to choose your career option at ease and reach new heights.

  1. Interest: Learn more of the things which you are good at
  2. Personality : Get to know yourself
  3. Learning Style: Determine the learning curve and how best you can use it
  4. Skills and abilities: Optimizing your skills to the fullest
  5. Career Motivators : Identify what motivates you

With quality guidance, you will come to know more about the relevance of the soft skills, technical skills and answer to the choices made in a particular career path.

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