What to do after the 12th? Find top career opportunities and Career counselors in Haryana

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What to do after the 12th? Find top career opportunities and Career counselors in Haryana

Choosing the right career path is extremely important because if what you choose does not match your interest, you will be dissatisfied and unhappy. But making such a crucial decision at the young age of 17-18 can be tough.  This is why career guidance after the 12th becomes the best way to go forward. 

The benefits of career counseling after the 12th

The earlier you sign up for career counseling, the faster your academic uncertainties and fears will be logically dissolved by expert, trained professionals. 

  1. Guidance in decision-making:
    From helping you understand your interests to helping you choose the right courses, career counseling does so by walking you through all the things you should consider before making a decision. The professionals help you understand yourself enough to make the right choices.

  2. Suggests career options:
    You’d be amazed to learn the full range of career options available for you today. While this is a good thing, it makes decision making harder.. A career counselor will suggest careers to you, based on your personality and strengths. 
  1. Increases self-understanding: 

Fresh out of junior college, everything seems confusing, even your interests.Through career guidance and counseling, you understand yourself better. You learn your strengths and weaknesses, and further understand how to improve or use them. As a result, you get an idea as to what you could make a career out of. 

  1. Creates a career plan:
    Once you’re clear with what you wish to pursue, planning your next steps becomes crucial. Career counselors will help you ideate a plan in terms of information – entrance exams, training and skills you’d need to acquire, marks required, the best institutes to study the course from, etc.

Additionally, to give you a brief overview of career options after the 12th grade, some of the most opted ones are as follows: 

In India-  


Engineering is one of the most sought-after courses in India. It attracts a lot of students every year and has therefore become a highly competitive course. Engineering requires students to crack several entrance exams like JEE to get into reputed colleges. 

Medical Sciences: 

Medicine is still considered one of the most prestigious professions in our country. A common saying is that if you are comfortable with studying for long hours – medicine is the right stream for you. But medical sciences include other interesting options like pharmacy, agricultural sciences, microbiology, zoology studies, etc. You can work in labs or become a researcher by graduating in these.


One career which has picked up a lot over the past few years is that of chartered accountancy.   But to do this, you have to clear the CA Foundation exam, which is not easy. The CFA or chartered financial analyst course is another one that’s in demand. 

Fashion Designing:

FD is a profession that has only grown in popularity with time. With integrated institutes like NIFT, our country is producing some of the finest designers in the world. Through fashion designing, you can eventually start your boutique or label and become a big name.

Management studies: 

While MBA has been a go-to for most Indians for ages, students can now also pursue a bachelor’s in business administration (BBA) and management studies (BMS) directly after HSC.
Companies look for basic credentials when considering promotions to management spots – and we’ll help you land courses to pad your CV. 

Computer science: 

The booming IT sector in India has led to an increase in the number of people choosing this major.  There are plenty of jobs available for computer science graduates in IT fields from security to knowledge management, with good opportunities to progress rapidly with the right skills.

Study Abroad- 

If you’re planning to study abroad after your 12th, career counseling will help you tremendously. You’ll learn about the exams you’ll have to crack and how, the admission process involved, visa eligibility & approval criterias, best colleges and universities, scholarships, etc. 

To get you started, here are some industries and sectors that have great scope abroad-


This industry thrives in western countries and is one of the best ones to become a part of to make good money.

Engineering services  

The engineering sector has the highest number of job opportunities abroad, both in western and gulf countries. 

Agricultural sciences

Agricultural Sciences is one field that offers solutions to major problems in food production and similar sectors, with a demand for solutions to feed an ever-growing population.  


Healthcare sector constantly needs more people. Compared to working in India, Healthcare workers abroad receive larger remuneration and better opportunities to grow. The demand for the same is large both domestically and abroad – and opportunities are sure to follow.


Irrespective of whether any of these courses interest you or not,  consulting a career counselor is the right way to go. It will not only help you explore career options after the 12th standard but also guide you onto the right track for you.  Through career guidance, you will discover yourself and what ultimately makes a career well suited to you. 

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