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IELTS one skill retake

Good News! IELTS Is Coming With One Skill Retake In March 2023

IELTS! Almost everyone is familiar with this term. Those who wish to go abroad for higher studies have to attain the desired band score in this exam. It is the first step in the process of going abroad. The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) was introduced to measure the English proficiency of an individual who wants

IELTS training Institute

8 reasons to take IELTS and test your English language skills

Many students face the dilemma of choosing between IELTS, PTE and TOFEL. Today, we share 8 reasons why you should take the IELTS exam

Career Guidance for study abroad

What to do after the 12th? Find top career opportunities and Career counselors in Haryana

Choosing the right career path is extremely important because if what you choose does not match your interest, you will be dissatisfied and unhappy. But making such a crucial decision at the young age of 17-18 can be tough.  This is why career guidance after the 12th becomes the best way to go forward.  The benefits of

IELTS Institute near me

How to choose the best IELTS coaching centres in Haryana?

Once a student has made up their mind about going abroad for further education, the very first question that will come to her/his mind is “How do I start my preparation for IELTS Exam” or “From where I should take my IELTS coaching?” This can be a tricky situation because many of the students, as well as