Good News! IELTS Is Coming With One Skill Retake In March 2023

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IELTS one skill retake

Good News! IELTS Is Coming With One Skill Retake In March 2023

IELTS! Almost everyone is familiar with this term. Those who wish to go abroad for higher studies have to attain the desired band score in this exam. It is the first step in the process of going abroad.

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) was introduced to measure the English proficiency of an individual who wants to go overseas for work or study from a non-English speaking nation to an English speaking nation. Its band score indicates whether a person can adjust to a native English environment or not.

The official structure of the IELTS exam-

The IELTS exam includes four modules –

The total time duration of this exam is 2 hours 45 minutes. The exam will be administered in two sittings: first comprises of  listening, reading, and writing &  the in second , the student must give the speaking test.

Test ModulesTenure
Reading60 minutes
Listening30 minutes
Speaking11 to 15 minutes
Writing60 minutes

IELTS exam scoring

IELTS scores are divided into bands ranging from 0 to 9. The band score and level of the applicant are displayed in the table below-

BandLevel of skill
9Expert user
8Very good user
7Good user
6Competent user
5Modest user
4Limited user
3Extremely limited user
2Intermittent user
0Test not attempted

Most universities accept an overall 6 band score in the IELTS exam, at least 6 in each module. If the student scores less than 6 bands in any of the modules, they have to give the entire IELTS exam again. It is a big challenge for everyone.

Don’t worry! Here is some good news for IELTS takers that they can retake one module from March 2023 instead of giving the complete exam.

Understand IELTS one skill retake from march 2023 in detail-

A new feature will soon be made available by the renowned and well-respected English testing organization IELTS (International English Language Testing System) to provide test takers with a second chance to perform to their full capacity.

As you know, the IELTS exam is accepted by many countries, for example, Canada, Australia, UK, USA, etc., to know the English language ability of the candidate. So, it is great news for every IELTS aspirant.

IELTS one skill retake

IELTS one skill retake, a new feature available to IELTS applicants, will enable them to improve their scores to meet immigration and career-related criteria. If test takers are not able to get the necessary score on the first try, this feature will allow them to retake one module of the IELTS exam either listening, reading, writing, or speaking.

This change is expected to be open in November 2022 at selected IDP IELTS centers in Australian capital cities.

Warwick Freeland, managing director (MD) of IELTS at IDP education, says that this retake is introduced after listening to the feedback of the test takers.

Moreover, IELTS one skill retake allows test takers to restart their educational, relocation, or job application plans. The second test report form supplied to test-takers who choose one skill retake for reasons of migration and study during the test’s initial launch period will be used by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Updation regarding other countries

Currently, neither the IELTS nor any test centers have provided any updates or information on the start of the IELTS one skill retake feature in other countries except India. When information about an upgrade comes, we’ll let you know. Keep checking Chetanya Career Consultants website for the most recent news and information.

Conclusion (IELTS one skill retake)

Now you have a golden chance to clear the module in which you got the undesired score instead of giving the complete IELTS exam. So, go for it and clear your IELTS exam!


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