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Looking To Study Abroad? Best Study Abroad Consultants in India – Chetanya Career Consultants

Securing admission into your dream college could be a challenging task. Chetanya will guide and support you in making relevant course choices abroad in countries like Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, and other European countries. With Chetanya’s expert counsellors and decades of experience behind them, you’ll find getting into your dream college easy and seamless. 

If you want to study abroad in Germany, you’d like to contact us to get a substantial head start in your college selection and admission process. We have experience in guiding and training more than 25000 students to find their best study options abroad. We are also proud to be recognized as India’s leading IELTS / PTE and VISA company. Germany is a preferred destination among students pursuing study options in Europe. With course fees waived off at almost all public universities, studying abroad in Germany is a cost-effective option for students seeking world-class education. Germany offers more than 15000 courses to choose from. In addition, students can learn their lessons in English or German, so a mandatory fluency of German isn’t required. Germany also offers more than 20 scholarships to eligible students. The majority of these DAD scholarships are available for Indian students. In addition, Germany boasts of having some of the top universities in the world with world-class infrastructure.

Furthermore, Germany is renowned for its automobile, architecture, and food industry. The country’s education system is designed to help students realize their true potential at minimal costs. The eligibility criteria are standard across the majority of universities. Students might have to prove their English proficiency if their medium of education was Non-English. IELTS score should be at least 5.5 Students must have scored at least 50% aggregate from a recognized board/university to have realistic chances of landing their favored courses. Contact Chetanya’s counsellors to sort out your admission woes and get a top university in Germany!

Studying abroad in Canada is a promising proposition for several candidates. Eleven of Canada’s universities feature in the top 250 universities in the world. The courses on offer are diverse, resulting in more than 50000 students traveling to Canada for their studies. Education is affordable in Canada. The country is ranked as the second-most welcoming country for students. There are more than 100 public and private universities offering more than 15000 courses in Canada. Students cherish Canada’s vibrant culture, and the country provides excellent prospects for a successful career. The application fees for universities vary from $100 to $250. The visa approved by the consulate after securing a letter of admission is valid for the entire duration of the course. The tuition fee falls between $2500 to $18000 and the living costs averaging around $12000. Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship, Ontario Trillium Scholarship Program & Canadian Asian Scholarships and Educational Changes for Development are some of the scholarships available for admitted students. Colleges in Canada focus on career-oriented studies and train their students in line with the changing technology and global requirements. As a result, Canada has excellent career opportunities for international students. With relentless guidance from our counsellors, we help you find the perfect program and college for you. Speak to our counsellor today!

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