Factors Promoting Canada authorities to extend the Travel Restrictions

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Factors Promoting Canada authorities to extend the Travel Restrictions

Pandemic are spread at a disturbing rate tainting a great many individuals all throughout the planet bringing the significant economies of the World to a stop. The development of the infection can be ended just when travel limitations have been put at spot to control the human cost. It is apparent that the world is encountering a financial shock. Rather than giving the padding impact to the economy, ensuring the weak populaces and setting for the financial recuperation, Canadian specialists are acting in a converse way. Instead of putting more clarity of mind to reinforce the general wellbeing frameworks and carrying out changes to back the maintainable development.

The important focus for the augmentation of the movement restriction made by the Canadian authority are:

  1. The Canadian authority has largely succeeded to keep the count of the Covid-19 cases down. Case levels have dropped significantly from the past two months. The inoculation rate of the vaccination has accelerated over the period of time.  Canadian population who have received at least the first dose of Covid-19 is 69%. Fully-vaccinated administered with Covid-19 is 44%.
  2. Coronavirus immunizations have been imported at a quicker rate which are promptly accessible to the Canadian people. This has to a great extent upheld the inoculation program and a significant help towards the clash of Covid-19. This has help to reduce the case count by more than 10 times as compared to the crisis which was faced in the starting days of the Covid-19
  3. The most likely factor is politics. As later this year, federal elections are expected to be announced. The government is running in minority. The government is backed by the public support as the populace also wanted to impose the restrictions on international travel to stop the spread of the Covid-19 pushing the economy of Canada into a deep crisis.
  4. Keeping the safety of Canadians in mind, the authority has planned restrictions again for the un-vaccinated persons.  

The health authorities are keeping an eye the key metrics which includes the hospitalization rate, vaccination rates and spread rates to ensure that the people are not affected by the incoming travelers to the country and economic activities can also pick up a boost with the safety of the individuals.

In my opinion, there are more ways to handle the pandemic instead of adopting the conservative and protective approach towards own people, an open environment should be considered considering the general well-being of the human being.