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Opportunities After Studying Master’s in Environmental Studies

Introduction If you are looking to study master's in Environmental Studies, you should be aware that several different career opportunities are open to you after graduating from the program. Being one of the top career consultants for immigrants, Chetanya Career Consultants strive to offer you a detailed overview of your career abroad. This blog will discuss fascinating career opportunities

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6 Things To Do While Waiting To Study Abroad

While getting accepted to a University of choice is blissful, waiting till you board your flight to study abroad could be tedious. Different universities follow different schedules and there could be a significant wait from the time students get their admission letters to the time they are leaving their hometown. The wait could stretch for a

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Looking To Study Abroad? Best Study Abroad Consultants in India – Chetanya Career Consultants

Securing admission into your dream college could be a challenging task. Chetanya will guide and support you in making relevant course choices abroad in countries like Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, and other European countries. With Chetanya's expert counsellors and decades of experience behind them, you'll find getting into your dream college easy and

Study Abroad In Canada

How is New-Settlers Journey in Canada

Today, with the progression of time, each nation is on the way of improvement and there is a developing pattern of transients settling abroad determined by globalization in the event of capital and innovation. Globalization has made relocation simple because of better correspondences, dispersal of data through broad communications and improved transport. For expats, the significant worry

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10 Things To Know Before Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most life-changing, eye-opening, and mind-bending experiences a student can have, whether it is to study abroad in Germany or study abroad in the UK.  When you start studying abroad, you begin with your research on the programs you want to take or booking an airfare. At this stage, it can be

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