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Career Counselling & Guidance fair

Career Counselling & Career Guidance Event from India’s Top Career Counsellors

If you want to move abroad for higher education, Chetanya brings a golden opportunity to serve. We are scheduling Global Education Fair 2021 from August 26, 2021, to September 3, 2021, across nine locations in Haryana and Punjab. The event aims to bring different International schools and universities worldwide under one roof to empower students towards research and

Study Abroad

6 Things To Do While Waiting To Study Abroad

While getting accepted to a University of choice is blissful, waiting till you board your flight to study abroad could be tedious. Different universities follow different schedules and there could be a significant wait from the time students get their admission letters to the time they are leaving their hometown. The wait could stretch for a

work abroad

Top tips from chetanya on building and boosting your career abroad!

Working abroad is a great experience, the country, the people, the ambiance. Everything around you adds to your experience but you must know that a career abroad is not just about experiences but also opportunities. When you launch your career internationally, new doors open filled with prospects all around the globe. Your language skills will skyrocket,

career counselling with chetanya

Why career counselling is a must for you?

The best career advice for College: Ask a Career Counsellor. Need and Importance of Career guidance; Top 5 reasons why career guidance is a must for Students.  Why is Career Counselling Important for YOU? And How can it contribute to your career success?  We live in an era where competition is never-ending and the bar is set too high