5 most promising career options to get PR in Australia

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5 Option for PR in Aus chetanya career

5 most promising career options to get PR in Australia

The “Land Down Under,” Australia is among the most sought-after study overseas destinations. The country is home to an influx of many international students each year at their universities and colleges. Similar to the US and the UK, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, etc., Australia is well-known for its excellent education. Australia is home to famous universities and colleges, and Australian institutions are renowned for their long-standing tradition and rich culture. They also offer many programs for international students to select from. The courses in Australia can be found in various disciplines, including law and legal Studies, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Performing Arts and Music Architecture, and Business Environmental Science, among others.

The country, renowned for higher education and permanent residence, is highly regarded in terms of student preference. A majority of students find Australia to be a friendly, safe, and stimulating environment to learn as well as live in. Therefore, they plan to remain in the country for their studies.

Australia is the perfect destination

If you plan to study at a university in Australia, you must apply for a Student Visa. When completing two years of studies at an officially recognized vocational school or university in Australia or a college (Subclass 485), Students can request under the PSWR for an Australian Post-study Work Visa. Students can reside and work in Australia for 2 to 4 months, subject to qualifications under the PSWR. For this time, students may receive bonus points on their PR applications.

Let’s now examine the diverse courses the nation offers to assist students in earning PR points.

The various options in Australia which students can follow if they are looking to earn a PR in the country are listed below:

1. Accounting: One of the fast-growing jobs in Australia, accounting is a subject sought by learners who pursue their studies within Australia because of the variety of opportunities it can provide. For a chance to work as an accountant in Australia, it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, completing an MPA (Masters in Professional Accounting) will open the doors to fantastic job opportunities for students as a student of accounting can apply for the position of external editor, Management Accountant, General Accountant, Corporate Treasurer, and Taxation Accountant, among many more. The average salary for accountants in Australia is about AUD 75,000.

2. Nursing: Australia is known for having a highly efficient healthcare industry. Many international students aspiring to pursue a degree in Australia believe that Nursing is the most lucrative profession. With the growing Australian population, the demand for medical professionals with a high level of expertise is growing. Australia’s Future Health Workforce reported that more than 12,000 nurses will be needed by 2030. Therefore, a willing Nursing aspirant must apply to a Nursing program offered through the universities of Australia right now. Nurses in Australia are paid an average of approximately 65,000 dollars (GBP 38,535). Nursing students could apply for nursing positions like a nurse (Child as well as Family Health) (Child and Family Health), Nursing (Critical Health and Emergencies), Nursing (Medical Practice), Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse (Aged Care), Nursing Assistant (Community Health) Nurse (Paediatrics) and Midwifery and many more.

3. Dentistry: The student studying Dentistry in Australia has many job opportunities which can lead to an official position in Australia. Students from other countries interested in Dentistry can choose to pursue any of the degrees in dentistry, such as Bachelor of Dental Science (BDSc), Bachelor of Oral Health (BOralH), and Postgraduate programs such as Research Higher Degree, offered by universities in Australia. After completing one’s degree, students can be employed as a dental therapist, Dental Technologist, Dental Prosthetist, or Dental Hygienist and pursue different career paths, including general practice, teaching, and many more. Comparatively to other occupations, the average salary paid to a dentist in Australia is typically relatively high. Being a dental professional is a rewarding profession in Australia is a challenging but rewarding job.

4. Education and Teaching: In terms of its quality and quality, in terms of quality, the Australian school system is widely valued. Students who pursue teaching and education programs in Australia will open the way for a myriad of careers, such as teachers in elementary and secondary school educator as well as special needs teachers, primary school teachers and vocational education teachers, English instructors for non-natives, and university professors. Therefore an Education and Education program in Australia could allow students to be eligible for PR for a job in Australia.

5. Hospitality: Tourism in Australia is growing, offering various job opportunities and allowing international students to obtain permanent residency. Students passionate about baking, cooking, or managing hotels can take Hospitality programs in Australia and transform their goals into reality. Students who want to earn additional PR points through working in the hospitality sector in Australia can choose from various hospitality-related courses that well-known institutions in Australia offer. Hospitality classes in Australia will train students to become Executive Chef, Restaurant managers or Cafe managers, Pastry Cook, Camping as well as Caravan Park managers, Baker or Baker Authorized Club managers, the Hotel managers or Motel Hotel and Accommodation managers, among others. If you are in the hospitality or tourism sector, you could earn between AUD 23,000 and AUD 169,000.

Other Career choices:

Apart from the courses mentioned above, many more lead to permanent Residency in Australia, including Automobile or Engineering courses in the automotive industry, Medical Care, and so on.

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Australia is the best choice to pursue your degree and get PR easily. All you need is to prepare your mind to select the most suitable choice for you.

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