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Tips and Tricks to crack PTE Exam Online

PTE Academic is the English test for students who choose to study and migrate overseas. There is no doubt that when you browse for unusual tips and tricks to pass this exam, there are a plethora of resources and techniques present out there that claim to help you crack PTE Academic, however, the facts remain the same. The initial step to start the preparation for PTE is to learn English. And not just learn the language but also studying professionally and systematically is crucial. Instead of wasting your time in random unnecessary practices, students need to understand what exactly they need to learn to pass the PTE Exam. 

Many aspirants expect the desired results by following the quantitative way of practice which is not useful. Remember that it does not matter how many hours you spent studying, if you are not studying the right study matter with the right technique then it can all go in vain. There are esteemed PTE Coaching classes out there that lead you to successfully pass this examination. There is a strategic way of preparing and passing this exam.

Let us take you through some of the most useful tips and tricks that would boost your PTE preparation immensely.

  1. Study Materials

Your study material is the key to pass this English test. If you keep scouring the web browsers for PTE study material, you might end up coming across a lot of random, irrelevant, and inauthentic content that can give you information that is entirely useless. Know that your study material will give you the right knowledge to pass this examination. For which, surf through a trusted and proven platform online that will give you the right data to study and prepare. There are innumerable sources, practice material present online for each section along with question banks and mock tests. But also if you desire to have a guaranteed result then look up trusted and experienced PTE institutes that will help you through this process.

  1. Dissecting the questions into different parts

For a PTE applicant taking the test, they have to answer up to 80 questions in 20 different tasks. You can dissect the questions as per:

  • The questions that impart to the score of another section and are difficult
  • The questions that impart to the score of another section and are your strengths
  • The question that carries negative marking
  • The question that needs sharpening and polishing your skills

This way you will attain a better understanding of the question and will be able to solve them smoothly. 

  1. Time Management Skills

It’s a 3 hour examination where you have to answer 73-80 questions. It can be challenging. It is important that you manage your time in a way that there is ample time to read the question thoroughly, understand it correctly and write them with the best knowledge. One common mistake that most aspirants make is they leave no time for review which can lead you to make mistakes. So make sure you avoid it. 

  1. Tips for each section

Here are some common tips that can be useful in each section

Writing: Understanding is the key to planning your essay, you need to understand the topic first. Be aware of the word limit. In summarise written text, write in one sentence only and be highly precise (only one full-stop is allowed)

Speaking: Here you must focus on your language which is the first step towards a successful speaking session, the two important pillars are oral fluency and pronunciation. Other factors to keep in mind are: avoid unnecessary fillers and pauses between your sentences. One trick that you can use is recording your own voice and listening to it which can improve your speech through listening along with voice clarity. Do not pause for more than 3 seconds and do not stop speaking entirely when you make a mistake in between your sentences.

Listening: When you are preparing, refer to as many trusted sources as you can because when you listen to different types of content, you become familiar with different accents. Practice taking notes as you hear them speak. Practice listening so that you are able to scan through the words and identify the keywords in them. 

Reading: Practice reading as much as you can because then it will develop and improve your reading speed. Practice grammar so you can develop a habit of figuring out mistakes in nouns, adjectives or verbs. 

  1. Strong Vocabulary

A strong vocabulary will always come to rescue you when you are stuck somewhere. Whether it is speaking; when you are lost of using the right words or listening; when you understand certain synonyms and adjectives or writing; when you have better words to frame your sentences. This practice of new words and synonyms to your speech can improve your chances tremendously when learning for the PTE exam. It is the face of your language quality.

  1. Confidence

Confidence is the key, to amplify it make sure you practice with headphones and microphones. When you are practicing, try to replicate the noisy exam center setting (especially in speaking modules). For instance, if you are practicing at home, try to create deliberate chaos by playing news in the background on TV or having loud noises going. This will prepare you to develop your concentration in adverse environments. 

While these tips and tricks can help you get a headstart in your journey, there is more that can guarantee you a successful passing of the PTE examination. There are institutes specialised in this test providing services by experts to help you pass your exam. For your convenience, there is PTE online coaching that can help you prepare from the comforts of your house especially in these tough times that we are facing. 

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