Part-time jobs in CanadaPart-time jobs in Canada


The best part of an international student in Canada is that they can do a part-time job to manage the cost of studying and living. 

Canada might be an expensive place to study. International students pay three times as much in tuition fees as local students. Paying fees and living expenses might be difficult for those on a tight budget. A part-time job in Canada will help in tackling this situation.

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A student can work 20 hours per week during their study tenure. The Canadian government has declared that international students may now work more than 20 hours per week while studying there. It’s an effort to help sectors that require more labor. It is good news for international students who need help paying the high cost of living and studying in Canada.  

Most popular part-time jobs in Canada for international students

Part-time employment also enhances the experience even further. No matter how simple your work is, you will gain significant experience along with wages. These are the popular part-time jobs in Canada for international students mentioned below. It is always preferable if you look for jobs in your education domain.

1 Server/ Bartender

Servers or waiters serve food and drinks, while bartenders handle everything related to mixing and pouring alcoholic beverages. The Canadian cities of Ontario, Vancouver, and Toronto offer most bartender positions. It is a great choice for college students and offers a good part-time work salary in Canada.

2 Chef

One of the most sought-after part-time jobs for Indian students in Canada is that of a chef. A chef’s responsibilities include preparing meals, sticking to the menu, and following food safety and health standards. If you have a skill of cooking, working as a chef abroad is quite rewarding.

3 Delivery services

Delivering goods is Canada’s most popular part-time job for international students. It involves delivering food, passengers, or things to the right person. You can choose your timings if you work for a firm that provides on-demand services.

You must be at least 18 years old, have a driving license, and possess a car to work in delivery services. Fortunately, you can work as a bicycle courier if you don’t own a car. In most major cities, bicycle meal delivery services like UberEATs are accessible.

4 Tutor

One of the reputed part-time jobs in Canada for international students is tutoring. You can teach the students in your area of expertise. To earn money while finishing your degree, you can use your talents and skills by working part-time with elementary or high school students. In Canada, a part-time tutor gets a good salary.

5 Salesperson

A salesperson offers reliable support to any sales team in any firm. His or her major responsibility is to boost sales and keep in touch with important clients frequently.

A sales assistant would collaborate with the sales team to track ongoing orders and guarantee that they are delivered on time. A salesperson must know how to work on a computer proficiently and be knowledgeable about the products they sell.

6 Bookkeeper

Typically, a bookkeeper manages daily banking operations, keeps track of financial transactions like purchases, invoices, and sales revenue, produces financial reports and maintains a record of expenses, and reconciles reports to third-party records.

One of the best part-time jobs in Canada for students is bookkeeping, which requires students to have skills like time management, organizational abilities, and mathematical knowledge.

7 Healthcare

Healthcare is another option for students if they like to help people with their health. Making patients feel comfortable, washing and dressing patients, serving meals, and assisting with feeding are all examples of patient monitoring and basic health checks.

8 Freelancer 

This job is ideal for students who love working from home and in their space. A student in Canada has the option of working as a freelance writer, web designer, graphic designer, or translator.

Freelance assignments can pay very well, depending on your client and the caliber of your work.

Advantages of doing part-time jobs in Canada

Let’s look at some of the advantages of doing part-time jobs in Canada-

1 Compensate expenses

The expense of education in Canada is undoubtedly high. Part-time jobs for international students in Canada will provide an additional source of income that will help pay some of the costs associated with studying and residing there.

2 Financial independence

Students gain some financial independence and learn how to manage their money while living alone in a foreign country. Additionally, it will teach you how to manage your money and savings. By doing this, you will also create a growth attitude and seek out opportunities to do more. 

3 Work experience

For Indian students, doing a part-time job in Canada will be a valuable professional experience. It improves the worth of your resume and demonstrates your willingness to go above and beyond to realize your goal of studying in Canada.

4 Skill improvement

You may learn many skills from student jobs in Canada that will aid you in your career and personal life. You will develop time management, teamwork, communication, initiative, balancing work and study, and confidence-building skills.


International students can satisfy their financial needs by doing part-time jobs in Canada, which also helps them develop experience and abilities that are marketable. It prepares the students for future full-time job prospects and raises living standards while still in college.

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1 Does an international student need a study permit to work a part-time job in Canada?

International students must have a current study permit to work part-time in Canada. All international students studying in Canada are only permitted to work part-time if they have a study permit that specifies their employment rights and obligations.

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