The Best Career Options In The Hospitality Industry In Australia

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The Best Career Options In The Hospitality Industry In Australia

The Best Career Options In The Hospitality Industry In Australia

Are you looking for career options in the hospitality industry in Australia? If yes, you can work in well-established cities like Melbourne, Sydney,  Perth and many others. In Australia, there are many career options in the hospitality field that can really help you earn a handsome amount and make new friends.

Hotels, bars, restaurants, and pubs employ many people, particularly in summer. There is a huge demand for manpower in the hospitality industry. Here in this blog, we will share some updates about career options in the hospitality industry in Australia.

Career options in the hospitality industry in Australia

1 Event planner

Numerous hotels provide event areas or conference rooms for various formal and informal events and functions. An event planner operates with a business or an individual to set up the event and then sees that it goes off smoothly.

Following are some of the job titles in event planning jobs-

  • Meeting Planner
  • Events Manager
  • Wedding Coordinator
  • Executive Conference Manager
  • Special Events Manager

2 Waitress/Waiter

It is one of the common career options in the hospitality industry. Restaurants, hotels, bars, casinos, and other places that provide food , employ waiters and waitresses. They deal directly with consumers, taking orders, delivering food and drinks, and collecting money.

For this position, no formal education is necessary. The candidate must have strong communication and interpersonal skills. To recall clients’ orders, especially complex drink orders, they must also be detail-oriented. This position is perfect for those working in the hotel sector who prefer face-to-face interactions with clients.

Following are some of the job titles in server jobs-

  • Barista
  • Bartender
  • Back Waiter
  • Banquet Server
  • Head Waiter

3 Housekeeper

Housekeepers are in charge of maintaining cleanliness across a hotel or other accommodation facility. Both the general spaces and specific hotel rooms are cleaned. Housekeepers in the hospitality sector make beds, perform laundry, and clean restrooms.

You’ll frequently have to move large objects and spend most of the day on your feet, so being a housekeeper requires physical stamina.

Following are some of the job titles in the housekeeper jobs-

  • Director of Housekeeping
  • Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Lead Housekeeper

4 Porter

The responsibility of carrying guests’ luggage falls to porters. They may transport the bags to the lobby or the guests’ rooms.

The valet role is another popular one (also known as parking lot attendant); when customers arrive at a restaurant, hotel, or other establishments, a valet helps them park their cars.

Following are some of the job titles in the porter jobs-

  • Parking Lot Attendant
  • Baggage Porter
  • Driver
  • Bell Attendant
  • Bellhop

5 Hotel manager

A hotel manager manages the efficient operation of a hotel, inn, lodge, or any other location offering sleeping rooms. It includes communicating with visitors, supervising employees, managing the property’s finances, etc.

While some hotel managers hold a degree or qualification in this field, others only possess a high school diploma and a few years of relevant job experience. Strong managerial, interpersonal, and business abilities are essential for hotel managers.

Following are some of the job titles in the hotel manager jobs-

  • Lodging Manager
  • Director of Hotel Sales
  • Wedding Sales Manager
  • Back Office Assistant
  • Shift Manager

6 Chef

In the hotel sector, an executive chef has a supervisory position that entails a lot of behind-the-scenes work. The chef manages the kitchen staff in restaurants, hotels, casinos, or other establishments that provide food. People in this position are in charge of sous chefs, supervising cooks, and other kitchen staff. Usually, they organize the meals, order all the stuff, and cook it in the kitchen.

Many lead chefs have some training from a culinary school,  community college, technical school, or four-year college. 

Following are some of the job titles in the chef jobs-

  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Cook
  • Pastry Chef
  • Cafe Manager
  • Catering Manager

7 Concierge

A concierge deals directly with clients and offers them a range of services. They may fulfill requests such as “Can you make a reservation for me at a restaurant?” or foresee what consumers might require. These might include obtaining theater tickets or making restaurant recommendations.

This position is an entry-level one in several hotels. However, some luxury hotels demand that concierges have years of experience working in the industry. A concierge has to be a problem-solver with strong customer service abilities who can handle challenging clients.

Following are some of the job titles in the concierge jobs-

  • Front Desk Supervisor
  • Hotel Receptionist
  • Reservationist
  • Casino Host
  • Front Office Attendant

What skills are required for the hospitality industry?

Here are some skills that will help you grab good career options in the hospitality industry- 


You must collaborate with a team in the hospitality field to perform your job. If you want to grow or improve your collaboration abilities, consider working on projects with others and sharpening your communication skills.

Communication skill

You may develop your ability to communicate clearly and effectively through conversation and writing since the hotel sector demands top-notch customer service.

Attention to the customer’s detail

The customer is the king. So you must pay attention to the customer requirement and complete it properly.


Adaptability is a desirable trait in the hospitality field. You can react proactively to changing events and settings because of this ability.

Conclusion (Career options in the hospitality industry)

From the above explanation, there are so many career options available in the hospitality industry in Australia. So choose as per your interest. There are many institutions in Australia offering various courses related to hospitality and for any support for overseas education or study abroad  , you may connect with Chetanya Career Consultants (3C).


1 When is the ideal season to work in the hotel industry?

Although there are options for temporary employment throughout the year in the hospitality industry. September to January is the best time because of the weather and the Christmas/New Year season.

2 How to find a hospitality job?

1 Going and visiting the place where you want to do the job.

2 Register yourself with the hospitality agencies.

3 You can search for jobs through online job portals. 


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