Know The Success Ratio For Canada Study Visas On PTE

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Know The Success Ratio For Canada Study Visas On PTE

Know The Success Ratio For Canada Study Visas On PTE

Students who wish to study overseas for higher education have to appear in one of the English language tests like the Pearson test of English (PTE), International English language testing system (IELTS), DUOLINGO, Test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL), etc. Every test has its own criteria.

As the IELTS exam is preferable for a Canada study visa, so is the PTE and is globally acceptable by almost all institutions in Canada.

The major advantage of PTE-

In India, there are above 30 PTE centers that provide you with the convenient and secure accomplishment of the PTE exam. One of the main benefits of selecting the PTE test is that you may get the results within 4-5 working days after the exam and sometimes even before the scheduled time.

PTE is accepted for the standard study permit application process by 90% of Canadian universities.

What is the minimum score required for PTE for a student visa to Canada?

The minimum PTE score needed for a student visa to Canada varies depending on the kind of program you intend to enroll in. For instance diploma program, bachelor’s degree, and master’s program. If you want to make your case strong then you must secure a minimum 60 score not less than 50 in each module. The requirement of score will be clear to you from the chart mentioned below.  

PTE score that is equal to the IELTS score

PTE Score IELTS Bands
86 or above9

What is the success ratio for Canada study visas on PTE?

Over 90% of Canadian universities or institutions accept the PTE score. Any of the testing locations, both inside and outside of Canadian borders, are available to conduct the exam. More than 30 PTE centers are already operating throughout India. As a result, the students are free to select a center based on their preferences.

The results are typically received five working days after the exam is completed. 

Students are getting a study visa for Canada based on PTE. So if you are planning to go to Canada to study, then you can prepare for PTE and attain your visa.

Additional point-

Advantages of doing PTE over IELTS

1 Suitable test dates and location 

The PTE is a test that is recognized all around the world and has more than 150 test centers. It enables the students to select a test location close to their home. Additionally, the exam is available all year round, making it simple for test takers to choose a day as per their preferences and comfort level.

2 Quick exam results

After the exam, PTE releases the results in 4-5 working days. As a consequence, PTE is a fantastic alternative for people who cannot wait to get their test results.

3 Global acceptance

Over 6000 organizations throughout the world, including governmental agencies, educational institutions, immigration officials, and others. As a result, the exam might serve a number of objectives.

4 Genuine marking

PTE uses a computer-based scoring method, which means that computers determine the final grade rather than humans. As a result, PTE is a trustworthy assessment method with few marking mistakes.


It is quite evident to see good success of student visa for Canada bases on PTE exam. You can take the PTE exam without any worry. If you want to prepare and get counseling for the study abroad, you can connect with the team of experts of Chetanya Career Consultants (3C). 

We will help you with complete admissions process beginning with the preparation of PTE exam up to student visa filling. Get your accurate eligibility assessment by getting in touch with us.


1 How long do my PTE results remain valid?

The PTE exam results are valid for two years following the exam date. 

2 Is PTE valid for Canada PR?

The explanation mentioned above only applies to a Canada student visa or study permit. PTE is not a valid option if you want to obtain a Canadian PR.

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