Must-Know Insights for Studying Abroad in the USA, the UK, and Australia

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Must-Know Insights for Studying Abroad in the USA, the UK, and Australia

Many students dream about studying abroad, as it can be a life-altering choice. Not only does it offer unparalleled opportunities for one’s academic career, but it also provides the possibility to reform your and your family’s lives. However, choosing the right university or course can be a daunting task. Thus, one must take the help of a qualified education counselor. Certifications like PIER Qualified Counselor, ICEF Counselor, and CCEA Education Agent must be considered while selecting an education guide.

From career opportunities in the USA to vibrant possibilities in the UK, there is a country tailored to each student’s preferences for studying abroad. Here, we provide insights and unique benefits to studying abroad in the USA, the UK, and Australia—some of the most practical, beneficial, and chosen nations among Indian students.

Study Abroad in the USA

The United States of America offers a distinct education system to international students who wish to study abroad. It has public and private universities, Ivy League colleges, and community colleges, all of which offer top-notch educational programs. The USA is known as the “Land of Opportunities.” Being one of the leading nations with a robust economic structure, the country provides an array of job opportunities to international students in all fields of work. The terms “colleges” and “universities” are used interchangeably in the USA.

Internship programs:

There are various internship programs available for students who choose to study abroad in the USA. These internships offer opportunities to understand their preferred field while earning money through part-time jobs.

Flexibility in courses:

The option to customise your degree is the most attractive feature of studying abroad in the USA. Universities here offer beneficial flexibility in their courses, allowing students to choose subjects from a variety of topics. For students who wish to study abroad in the USA, many universities allow them to take classes in various subjects in the first 1-2 years before deciding on their major.


The USA has an inclusive culture that attracts people from all nationalities around the world. With a wide range of cultures, students who come here to study meet people from their regions and backgrounds. Additionally, individuals can enjoy food as per the regional preferences.

Semester System:

There are three semesters for studying in the USA: Spring, Summer, and Fall. If you wish to study abroad in the USA, you may begin your studies in the Fall semester, which starts in August or September and runs through January. The Spring semester runs through May, while the Summer semester runs through July.


Studying STEM subjects like science, technology, engineering, and math in the USA is beneficial. People who graduate in these fields are in high demand worldwide, so they have lots of job options and can earn good salaries.

Studying STEM helps you think critically and solve tough problems. If you graduate in the States as an international student in STEM, you can get extra time to work and gain practical experience through an OPT program for up to three years. STEM studies in the USA also open the door to different kinds of jobs and opportunities to contribute to important research.

Credit Point System:

The degree depends more on the credit points you acquire than on the semesters or years you spend in school. In fact, the student’s acquired credit points are the most significant factor in the degree-awarding procedure in the USA. If you can acquire the necessary credits sooner, you can earn a two-year degree in a shorter time frame.

Study Abroad in UK

The United Kingdom, as a cosmopolitan country, offers a multilingual culture for students who choose the UK to study abroad. The UK boasts highly graded institutions and the best courses across various fields such as Literature, Engineering, Law, Finance, and Business Management, as well as Design. Furthermore, the UK’s 15 states have secured a place at QS Best Student Cities 2023, hosting over 280 academic institutes. Beyond this, the UK provides an excellent campus life, scholarships, internship opportunities, job prospects, and quality education for applicants considering to study abroad in the UK.

Prestigious Universities:

The UK is home to some of the most premium universities globally, including Oxford and Cambridge. Additionally, it features top universities with brilliant teaching faculties and outstanding education courses.


The UK offers flexibility in selecting your courses, enabling students to combine diverse fields of study based on their preferences. For instance, one might choose to pair a business management course with a language studies program or integrate computer science with graphic design. This flexibility empowers ambitious individuals who choose to study abroad in the UK, providing them with the best opportunities to secure desired jobs after graduation.


The UK is renowned for producing top-notch research worldwide. From scientific research to social science research, the UK universities offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-reputed teaching faculties to support research courses, a key point to consider for students who wish to study abroad in the UK.

Stay Extension after Graduation:

Under the New Graduation Route 2021, students can stay back in the UK for two years after completing their graduation. International students who choose to study abroad in the UK can stay for two years after securing their graduation degree and explore job opportunities.


Universities in the UK assure the best quality, as all institutes are subjected to the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). This ensures that government-set guidelines for research, teaching, and learning are efficiently met. Degrees from UK universities are highly valued and recognized worldwide.

Alternative to ILETS:

In the UK, many universities have adapted to current challenges by accepting alternatives to IELTS for English language proficiency. Some institutions now recognize Duolingo English Test scores and even allow submitting results from home-based exams.

This flexibility aims to facilitate the admission process for international students facing difficulties with traditional testing methods. However, applicants should carefully check the specific language proficiency requirements of their chosen university and program to ensure compliance with accepted alternatives.

Study Abroad in Australia

Vibrant cities, top universities, and good employment opportunities are some of the prime benefits of studying abroad in Australia. It has been ranked as one of the top three English-speaking countries for students to study abroad, according to Times Study Abroad.

One must remember that in Australia, a strong financial background is vital for visa approval and admission under the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement. Demonstrating the ability to cover tuition and living expenses is key for a successful academic journey.

World-class universities:

Australia boasts the best universities as per international rankings. These institutions offer a wide range of courses, from culinary and communications to Mathematical Sciences. Deakin University is one of the most prestigious universities in Australia, providing over 100 courses for undergraduate programs to students wishing to study abroad in Australia.

Scholarship programs:

The Australian Government offers various grants, including the Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) program, which is highly prestigious and competitive for students who choose to study abroad in Australia. It provides government-funded grants to students from a selection of countries. The Destination Australia Program (DAP) is another Australian Government initiative that funds eligible tertiary education providers to offer scholarships to domestic and international students intending to study in regional Australia.

Australia Research Training Program:

Australia offers premium research degrees to students aspiring to pursue a career in research training. Universities provide master’s and doctoral-level degrees, with students benefiting from guidance by eminent professors.

Work with Student Visa:

If you wish to study abroad in Australia, you will require a student visa to enter the country. The visa comes with its own advantages; students are allowed to work on the student visa, covering costs such as groceries, food, rent, and possibly tuition fees as well.

Natural Beauty and Adventure:

Australia, known for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse ecosystems, provides students with a unique opportunity to blend academic pursuits with unforgettable experiences. From the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef to the vast Outback and vibrant rainforests, Australia offers a canvas of natural wonders waiting to be explored. Studying in Australia is not just about earning a degree; it’s about immersing yourself in a country that seamlessly combines world-class education with unparalleled adventure.

The choice between any of these countries, be it Australia, US, or UK to study abroad should align with a student’s academic preference, financial capabilities, and future ambition. However, it is advisable to take guidance from an experienced consultancy to make a well-informed decision.

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