Latest Updates of United Kingdom (UK) on COVID-19

Everything that International Students Need to Know:

  • COVID-19, a disease caused by virus belonging to the Coronavirus family started off with barely any cases in Central China but has now become an ongoing pandemic. It was first discovered in Wuhan, China in December 2019 with symptoms corresponding to flu. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) which broke out in 2003 as the first pandemic of 21st century was also caused by Coronavirus. Common symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, dry cough, fatigue and difficulty in breathing. It can spread through the medium of air as the respiratory droplets produced when someone sneezes can be inhaled by another person existing around. However, adopting protective measures and hygiene practices such as washing hands frequently, social distancing and self-isolating can prove to prevent its further outbreak.


  • Current Situation in UK on COVID-19:

Countries have similarly adopted preventive initiatives by imposing trade and travel restrictions, banning mass gatherings as well as by declaring closures of school and other public institutes. Apart from economic setback, restrictions on international boundaries have also impacted the mobility of international students. The UK Government is dealing with this chaos by postponing enrolments of students who were supposed to be starting their academic journey in the upcoming intakes. Universities are bound to follow the guidelines proposed by Public Health England, keeping the well-being of the community as their priority.

  • UK Educational Institutes’ steps on COVID-19:

Apart from deferring students from May/June intake to September due to restrictions on accessing higher education, Universities have also come up with ways of continuing classes online, keeping the best interest of students in their minds. All sorts of uncertainties, must be dealt with patience, as the current situation of the world does not seem promising. In order to enlighten the students regarding further plans formulated by Universities, web seminars are also being hosted as a form of transparent informatory sessions.

As the situation appears to be ever-changing, some of the latest updates about different universities during this outbreak are as:

  • University of Salford, Manchester has announced a number of webinars commencing from March 25th until May 13th, assigning a day for each department so that queries can be addressed specifically. The university is following advice from Public Health England, the FCO and the UK Government to ensure the health and well-being of global Salford community. Email:, Website:


  • De Montfort University, Leicester has assured students that they are the priority of the institute during this unsettling time.

→They have established a Frequently Asked Questions page on their websites to resolve the queries of the students and have also presented a virtual tour of their campus on the website for students who are facing a term delay.

→ On top of that, emails are being sent out to international students looking forward to unfold their respective academic careers with De Montfort University to participate in individual Skype interviews being conducted by their Admissions Team to assist the students more efficiently.

For more details,

  • London South Bank University has provided a contact number and enquiry email on their website as a method to encourage students to contact them with respect to any sort of uncertainty. For more details:
  • Coventry University is not willing to compromise with their quality of education and by keeping the welfare of students in their approach; they have outstretched the dissertation deadline to April 24, 2020. Depending upon the applicant, they have provided details on the following links.

The current situation appears to be quite dynamic and therefore, keeping the health and safety of students in mind, Universities have promised students to update the websites on regular basis, availing all the necessary information to meet the concerns of students. Although this decision appears to be faced with huge disappointment by aspiring students, further creative ways are being advanced by Universities to navigate through this remarkable challenge with ease and generosity.

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