Latest Updates of Australia On COVID 19: Everything that International Students Need To Know:

Chetanya Career Consultants has always stood firm for their services and satisfaction of their clients. In these arduous days, when Corona Virus (COVID 19) has been declared as worldwide threat, 3c has decided to provide you with the latest updates of Australian High Commission and Australian Universities. We have found that International students and the students who want to travel to Australia are facing immense level of difficulty in seeking out genuine news. Our team is continuously connected with different universities and also with the officials of DHA, to gather essential and useful information that we will be sharing on our official site on regular basis for your reference.



Current Situation in Australia on COVID 19:

The Department of Health, Australia, has confirmed 4,245 positive cases of COVID 19, till 3:00 PM on 30th March 2020. In these 4,245 cases 18 have demised from Pandemic. However, as per sources, the spread of COVID 19 has been halved in recent days. Cases have reduced from 25 percent to 13 percent and it is expected to diminish even more in coming days. Even so, the restrictions on social gatherings are still in practice and strictly followed by the Government.


Australian Educational Institutes’ steps On COVID 19:

The universities in Australia are showing their active support, by providing home assignments, online classes, relaxing the first-semester calendar and conducting the student help lines. The domestic as well as international students in Australia, who have enrolled for their courses, can get the perks of these facilities.

On the other hand, the educational institutes are actively responding on new applications. Therefore, students, who want to apply for student visa, can proceed with their admission and GTE processes. However, Visa Application Centres such as VFS in India will remain temporarily closed until further notice from the higher authorities. In the case, you have already got your visa and you have not travelled to Australia yet, you will have to contact your university. They will provide you possible solutions and deferment of studies and other study related policies.


Here, we have provided some of the latest updates about different universities, during this outbreak


  • CQ University:

CQ University is continuously working to support the admissions and study plans for the international students. The students, who have their visa but are not able to travel to Australia, can study online from their home country. It is completely up to students, if they want to start their course online or want to wait for the change of travel restrictions. Once student will be able to travel to Australia, the online enrolment will be transferred to on-campus course.


  • Deakin University:

The face to face classes are not yet in practice and the classes are being conducted online by Deakin University. In case you have not travelled to Australia yet, Deakin University will maintain your Confirmation of Enrollment (COE). You have the option to apply off campus (online) units and the enrolment status of course will remain on campus. In the meantime, the processing for admission and interviews are going smoothly.


  • Australian Technical Management College:

Unlike other educational institutes in Australia, ATMC is also accepting application and issuing the offer letters as well as COEs, for all programs in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne. The start dates of the programs are still validated. ATMC has conducted some of their programs online and all the student support services are active through online delivery models.


  • Monash University:

Due to Pandemic outbreak, Monash University has decided to reduce their on campus activities. Under this, Monash has closed all their libraries from Thursday, 26 March, except from Peninsula and Matheson library. The lectures in Monash University will also be taken care by digital approach, including online tutorials, seminars and workshops. Despite of that, the entire practical classes, related to studios, laboratories, etc.  will be rescheduled later in the year. The university is providing flexible online options for their several units in the first semester. The online classes will ensure no delay in the graduation year of students.


  • Griffith University:

Griffith University is proactively working to support the international students. University is continuously updating us about their admissions and recruitment activities. The online engagement and lectures are being conducted and updated by the Griffith Staff. In the case, students are not able to access online classes, due to limited or no technology and internet access, the campuses will remain open. This means, students can utilise the on-campus technical equipments to continue their studies. In this support, the university has established Griffith University Student Study Support Bursary to make sure every student gets the support.


If you are in Australia and need further support, our international office in Adelaide is available to provide you all kind of guidelines and useful information for the same. We ensure you that Chetanya Career Consultants are working continuously for the safety of our students and our staffs situated in India and abroad. We strongly suggest you to not get influenced by the rumours or false news, as it is immensely spreading related to COVID 19. Feel free to seek any kind of assistance and information from us through phone calls and our digital platforms.


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