Covid-19 update from Canada

Covid-19 update from Canada



Were you planning to apply in Canada, but the recent restrictions due to COVID 19 have created huge dilemmas in your mind? Well, the team of Chetanya Career Consultants has been working continuously to get the information that is important for you. We will help you in taking down all your confusions related to student visa application in Canada.

Canada is counted in the top study destinations for international students and highly preferred by Indian students. Every year, more than 3, 00,000 students with Indian citizenship, apply for Canadian study permit. However, recent pandemic outbreak has affected the flow of visas and Canada has temporarily banned their international boundaries. In this article, we have shared all the information related to the present condition due to Corona Virus in Canada, its affect on educational institutes & international students and how they are dealing with it.


Present Condition of Canada on COVID 19:

As per the latest updates, generated by, there were total 17,897 confirmed cases of COVID 19, till 7th April 2020. Canadian government is actively working for the treatment and protection of their people and international students that are living there. Like other countries, they have shutdown most of their provinces. They are planning huge investments for easy food access and they also have launched android and IOS applications to provide latest information related to COVID 19.

International students are also getting affected due to this fallout of Corona Virus lockdown. Students have lost their part time jobs and are struggling to pay their rents. However, a petition has been filed to cancel the rent payments of international students. It seems to hit around 150,000 targets for now.

Other than that, some international flights can be released to send the people back, who were on temporary or visitor visa and want to go back to their countries. Even so, no evident circumstances have been observed in regards to the removal of complete lock down in the country.


The Response of Different Educational Institutes on COVID 19 in Canada:

During this tough time, the Canadian Educational Institutes are playing their part by providing digital platforms for classes and assignments. So, the students who are already enrolled in their courses will not have to face any kind of resistance or delay in their studies. Most of the cases have been deferred to the next intake. Being the partners with numerous educational institutes in Canada, we are getting the regular updates from the side of colleges regarding their present working and other activities. We have mentioned some of them below:


  • Northern College: We are getting continuous mails from Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology, regarding the updates for students who have applied or want to apply for courses in their college. The college is already concerned about the huge deferring volume and is taking necessary steps for the same. Also, students who have not applied for their applications yet, college is suggesting to defer it to September 2020, without any delay.

Students, who have received their visas to pursue any kind of course in Northern College, they have been advised to be updated with the latest status of Canadian Border Agency, for the travel restrictions. For now, the proposed date for May 2020 has been decided – 20th May 2020. However, it can be extended, depending upon the circumstances. Also, if you have got your visa and you are unable to travel due to travel restriction or having any symptoms, college is ready to provide you deferment.


  • Centennial College: Centennial College is contributing its part by providing virtual services and teleworking functions. The whole campus of Centennial College, including all kind of labs and libraries will remain closed till the next update from the government. However, limited courses are continuing under online courses. So you will have to check if your course has been streamlined in the digital program or not.


  • Camosun College: Our organization always shared very good relations with Camosun College for many years. Our team members are getting daily updates from the college regarding their upcoming plans for admissions and classes. Camosun College is working remotely and responding to our applications without any resistance for May and September 2020 intake. Best part is, Camosun College is providing online classes. All the students who have already got their visa and have been enrolled in their courses are eligible for these classes even if they are in their home country for now. Including that, the college is showing their kind gesture by offering discount of CAD 6,000 on the tuition fee for May semester. Students have the opportunity to take 3, 4 and 5 subjects from academics from the school of Science, Arts or Business on the given rate.


  • Vancouver Community College: Like other educational institutes in Canada, VCC is also closely monitoring the present condition on COVID 19 and updating us about their upcoming activities. VCC has temporarily suspended all the campus activities and services. However, its campus is open for very limited in-person access, in concern to improve their learning and quality and training through different ways. Almost all the facilities and services including classes will be provided through non face to face methods, such as telephonically or online. If you have got the study permit for any of the course in VCC, you will have to confirm your seats by contacting us or the college. Otherwise, VCC won’t be able to provide you any guaranteed enrolment for Spring/Summer 2020. Your seat will automatically be deferred to the next intake. Apart from all, VCC is accepting applications for their upcoming intakes.


In case, you want to defer your application or want to apply for the upcoming 2020 intake, you can directly talk to our counselors, we are available on our toll free number 1800 1200 780