About The Graduate Programme

Start Here. Go Anywhere. Applications for our graduate program open on 26 March 2018. Joining our Department will give you a career not just a job.

Study in Abroad.

The Graduate Development Program runs for 10 months. During this time you will complete up to three workplace rotations in the Department. The program provides you with a range of work experiences, on-the-job learning and development opportunities and vocational training to develop your knowledge and skills for working in the Australian Public Service. Our graduate program will give you a head start in the Australian Public Service.

We offer generous employment conditions including attractive salaries, superannuation benefits and flexible working conditions. After your graduate experience ends, your opportunities within the Department continue.

We offer graduates the opportunity to rotate through roles across a broad range of career vocations and business areas. Each rotation will expose you to diverse career development pathways and experiences. Rotations are tailored to suit the needs of the graduate and the organisation.

Business areas may include the following:


The policy vocation delivers the overarching strategic and policy settings that guide the work of the Department. This workforce uses policy skills and expertise to develop and provide strategic policy advice across all of the Department’s functions, including immigration and customs, national security, cyber security, multicultural affairs and counter-terrorism. This goes toward supporting Australia’s continuing prosperity and safety through the management of responses to terrorism, cyber threats, organised crime and natural disasters; the migration and humanitarian programs and the facilitation of trade and travel.

Program management

The program management vocation manages and delivers Government programs in relation to visas, citizenship, customs and trade. The Department has a significant program of initiatives, focused on supporting a safe and secure Australia that maintains strong economic growth. The program management vocation manages and delivers Government programs in relation to visas, citizenship, emergency management, national security, customs and trade. The Department’s significant program of initiatives focuses on supporting a safe and secure Australia that maintains strong economic growth and is globally competitive, liveable, sustainable and welcoming.


This vocation provides intelligence services and formulates products to support strategic and operational decision making around resource allocation and countering border threats.
Intelligence matters to the safety and security of Australia, and the Department of Home Affairs is at the forefront of the Government’s intelligence effort. It operates in a complex, rapidly evolving environment, with real threats and real world implications that matter to the lives of all Australians.
Intelligence vocation graduates are engaged as:

  • Analysts to assess the threats and provide insightful analysis and assessments on key tactical, operational and strategic intelligence issues
  • Technologists to develop, build, test and deploy technical tools, applications and prototype capabilities
  • Data scientists to apply data mining and advanced analytic techniques to develop sophisticated analytical models and processes, support decision recommendation or automation and optimise the department’s business approaches

Our graduates come from diverse academic backgrounds—including arts and sciences, economics, maths, business, finance and data analytics—have enquiring minds, excellent problem solving and communication skills, and a desire to make a difference to the safety and security of Australia.

Information and communication technology (ICT)

We offer exciting opportunities through our program that encourage you to think creatively and develop innovative solutions. A diverse range of ICT disciplines are available during the program including hands on experience with some of the most cutting edge technologies available.

Some of the exciting work ICT is involved in includes:

  • Coordination of passenger and cargo movements in airports and seaports, utilising advanced automated clearance technologies
  • Delivery of the intelligence, identity and biometrics systems that underpin decision making across our business
  • The support of a complex, global technology environment leveraging leading service management techniques and capabilities
  • The implementation and support of corporate systems that enable the Department and Australian Border Force to operate effectively.

We are looking for graduates with skills and interests in:

  • Application development
  • Business analysis
  • Cyber security
  • Enterprise and solution architecture
  • Networking
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Project Management
  • Technical support
  • Testing and assurance
  • Web design/development.


The corporate vocation supports teams across the Department with technical expertise and advice in the areas of finance, law, human resources, risk and security management, communication, parliamentary and executive services. Placements in this vocation will provide graduates with extensive exposure to the various parts of our organisation.

As a graduate, working in this area will give you an insight into the many different roles and functions of the Department.

Orientation and induction

Orientation and induction are compulsory parts of the program held during your first week in the Department. This is your opportunity to get to know the rest of the cohort.

During the week you will participate in a number of personal identification and growth activities as well as listen to a number of subject matter experts who will assist you in finding your way and understanding the requirements of the Department.


We provide our graduates with a number of support staff, who will be able to help you throughout the program. You will be teamed with:

  • A graduate coordinator to work closely with you and your supervisor to ensure you have everything you need to complete the program successfully
  • A graduate buddy (previous graduate) to help you settle into your workplace and the APS
  • A Senior Executive Service (SES) mentor to help you learn about our Department and culture. They can also provide support and guidance with your career and personal objectives.

Commencement date and salary

Commencement dates cannot be confirmed until security requirements are successfully completed. Successful graduates usually start in early February each year.

Graduates are classified as APS4, at a salary of $60,452 – $66,904. Details about pay, leave entitlements and other conditions can be found in the current Enterprise Agreement 2011-2014 (1.9MB PDF).

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