Why International Students find studying in Australia Groovy?

A larger number of students from across the world are now leaving their shores and heading to Australia. It is now becoming the study abroad destination of choice of many students. The education system in Australia has produced scientists, educators, designers, entrepreneurs, humanitarians and artists who have changed the way the world runs and a number of Nobel and Oscar prize winners are Australian.

The country also has a number of global achievements such as the “Black Box” which every airplane in the world now has. The Wi-Fi was invented in Australia and so was the Earth Hour initiative. So what exactly is the Australia’s attraction quotient and why are so many youngsters choosing to study there? Let’s take a look:


The degrees that are obtained from universities in Australian are recognized across the globe. The country’s higher education industry is regulated federally. What this means is that every single university in Australia is evaluated by the government, on an annual basis. This is the way they ensure that all the universities maintain the high standards that are required by the state. The country offers:

  • High quality scientific research
  • Innovative teaching styles
  • A range of specialist institutions
  • Australian higher-education standards are accepted globally.
  • Support and numerous services for international students.

Lifestyle in Australia is known for being a little relaxed. There is no crazy running around or even the hustle and bustle. For students who want to study hard without having to stressing about competing with anyone, Australia is a great country to be in.

Cultural Diversity

International students do have qualms about studying in a foreign country and they worry about whether they will be well-accepted there. But that is not a concern in Australia. Cultural diversity is one of the nation’s strengths and international students will get:

  • A safe environment to live in.
  • A multicultural community that they can blend in.
  • A number of interesting travel choices across the country.
  • Exciting cities to study and visit.
  • The flexibility to work part-time-upto 20 hours/week as well as full-time in the holidays.

As far as the cost of living and studying in Australia is concerned, it compares very favorably with the other topmost destination countries that international students choose to study in. The fact that they can study and work helps them in meeting costs in a much better way too.

Global Recognition

When you study in Australia you receive a qualification that has recognition the world over. The AQF, Australian Qualifications Framework allows students to very easily move through the country’s education system & provides a simple way for countries across the world to recognize that qualification. They can also issue all the comparable qualifications that are required for local use.

For more than two decades, Australia has been at the fore in putting different processes and systems into place, to make sure that students receive the highest-quality education that they expect- the country sure is laying out the red carpet for international students- and how !!