What Can Canada Offer International Students?

Canada is a multicultural country and over the last one and a half centuries, has welcomed over 15 million immigrants. The nation is also home to more than 1M aboriginal people. These include the Métis, First nations as well as the Inuit communities. Canada works very consistently to ensure that all the people who live there are able to preserve their traditions and customs and that everyone gets an equal amount of respect.

How You Gain

It’s no wonder that every year, thousands of student head for this wonderful country to learn more and look for a better future. Take a look at the benefits Canada has to offer international students:

  • The Education System- The universities in Canada maintain extremely high-standards of academic excellence. They are also consistently recognized in all the top international rankings. In addition, tuition fees in Canada are some of the lowest from the English-speaking countries.
  • Internationally Recognized Degrees- Canadian university degrees are recognized across the world. They are equivalent to the ones that are obtained from the U.S or any Commonwealth countries. Canada also boasts of a very wide range of top tier educational institutions for diplomas and degrees in professional & technical disciplines.
  • Learn/ Improve Another Language- For more than a century, Canada has 2 official languages- English & French and is considered to be the world leader in language training. Many international students choose to take some language courses before they start with a regular academic program.
  • Possibility of Work- The international students who have also graduated from any Canadian college/university, have the opportunity to work there for upto 1 year, post receiving their diploma or degree. International students are also permitted to work on campus without any work permit. The government is also chalking out plans via which international students will be able to work off-campus too.
  • Peaceful, Politically Stable & Safe- Canada is a democracy and has very clear-cut laws to protect the rights of those who live there. It is also a place that is largely unaffected by most natural disasters.
  • Travel & Recreation- Canada has a number of large and thriving cities, but there are also expanses of unsettled land and many provincial and national parks. There is vast diversity in landscape and the temperature variation is also significant. This means that you can choose which place suits you and you also have a number of options for travel and sightseeing. Indoor & outdoor recreational activities are also very inexpensive and there is a little something for everyone.
  • Healthcare- Compared to other countries, Canada has very inexpensive health insurance. Despite this, the services that are provided by Canadian hospitals are top-of-the-line and highly accessible.
An Amazing Place

Canadians are a very warm people and welcome those from other cultures with open arms. They are highly respectful of the differences and all the educational institutions are very encouraging and supportive towards international students. There is no doubt about the fact that every moment that you study and live in Canada will be a moment worth living