The Best Ways an International Student Can Save Money in Australia.

Those who don’t earn in Euros, US dollars or any other currency that is stronger than Australian dollars may just find that living costs in Australia are much higher in comparison to their own countries. The overall cost of living which includes food, clothes, transport and entertainment make up a larger chunk of any student’s budget. Here are some tips that will help you save money & get the best value in everything without impacting your quality of life in Australia:

Food- Always do your food and provision shopping in large supermarkets as they have offers and discounts on a lot of products and essentials. You will find supermarket promotions that have all the weekly promotions distributed via newspapers or in your letterbox.

Buying in larger quantities is also a better way of benefiting from discounts. The local convenience stores have higher price tags on all products and you should use them only in case of emergencies. Avoid eating out on a regular basis and pack your lunch every day.

Transport- Public transport in Australia is extremely expensive, especially for someone on a modest budget; but you have to travel. The best way to get around this problem is to buy daily, weekly, monthly or annual passes. The ones that have a longer validity tend to be way cheaper than the ones with a shorter validity. If your college or university is not too far away, you can use a bike. You will find that your pocket gets heavier and you get lighter- it’s a dual benefit.

Phones- Sure you need a phone to keep in touch with your family back home- but this can be the huge drain on your finances. Though local calling is not expensive, long-distance calls are the villains. Buy a phone that is locked with a particular service provider- you will end up getting discounts on the handset and you should look for plans that offer you low rates on international calls to the country that you need to makes calls to. You can use telephone cards, as these are a much cheaper option.

Entertainment & Travel- You know you are in Australia to study, but all study and no play can make Jack or Jill dull. And so when you hit the social scene, maintain a budget and stick to it. Smoking can be another cash-drainer and its best to quit; your lungs will thank you for it too.

If you like surfing, buy second-hand boards (they are equally good and a whole lot cheaper). When the travel bug hits you, look for airfare promos. Some airlines will offer you cheaper fares online and you can also use your international credit-card to make the payment.

Even when you shop for clothes and accessories, cold-shoulder the designer brands. If you are on the Gold Coast, you will find a number of outlets like Rip Curl and Billabong that offer fantastic discounts. And so, with a little bit of restraint and smart spending, you will find your dollar kitty filling up and brimming over!!